10 Powerful WhatsApp Hidden Features 2022

10 Powerful WhatsApp Hidden Features 2022
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Hey Guys , In this article I am going to tell you the 10 best and amazing WhatsApp features and tricks….

which may be a lot of you people don’t know ….

The first feature is “Voice Message New Tool”
While recording voice in WhatsApp, a new tool has been launched when you record the voice message,then you can also get the option to pause that voice message, apart from this, you can resume your voice message…

Earlier it used to be that even before you could listen to your voice but when you sent it, you could listen after that, but now you can listen to your voice message by pausing during the recording.

Apart from this, if someone sends you a voice message, you can also listen to it on the audio player.

Now let’s talk about the next update “Camera New Design ”

When you click on the icon of your camera that appears at the bottom …. your recent picture was appeared and if you want to send any particular photo then you had to go very low and find that photo….

But now you have a separate option of gallery you can click on it and search your photo from any folder and send it easily….

Next update is
“Forward Message New Limit”

A new limit has WhatsApp rolled out…Whatever message is forwarded too many times, in which dual arrows come. Now you will be able to forward that message only in a group chat, you will not be able to do it even 5…

Next Feature is ” Message Reaction”
If anyone messages you on WhatsApp, then you can give your reaction on that message like you could have given on Instagram, could have given on Facebook.

So if you have got it then it is a very good …


Let’s friends talk about the other feacher, the next feature is a very strong and very good feature, it is that earlier you could send a file of 100 MB on WhatsApp, you could send videos of 100 MB but now you can sen 2GB of videos or file…

But the biggest sad thing is that in WhatsApp, this one has been launched in Argentina country, may be launched in other countries in the coming time but not yet.

So Friends let’s talk about next feature “Hide Dp and Last Seen”

Just like you keep your status with whomever you want, you can show it to whomever you want to show, so in this way you can now hide your DP and also your Last seen from whom you want to hide and show whomever you want to show.

Let’s talk about next update
“Number Verification”…

So friends, earlier it used to happen that you had received a message to verify your number, so now it will happen that you will get a missed call, if a missed call comes, then you will get a missed call, then your number will be verified.


Eklavya has got a new update regarding the “New Emojis of WhatsApp ”

By the way, friends, you may not have noticed that there must have been a lot of new emojis inside WhatsApp, if you have not checked, then you should check now that you have also got to see me if you have not done your WhatsApp.

Ok so friends the next two emojis are being rolled out which we can also call the upcoming features … which I haven’t found yet, so let me tell you on the contrary…

So the friend who is on your typing side, you have to type the colon there.
if you type :smile … All the smile emojis will be in front of you…

In the same way, whatever you write next by typing the colon, then all of its types will be revealed to me.


Come on friends, now let’s talk about the next feature , now there is also a feature in the upcoming feature that WhatsApp will roll out in which you will be able to create a poll.

With the help of which you will be able to get the opinion of the people …

So friends, would you have liked all these features very much, many of these features have arrived and there are many more such that now there is upcoming features which we will get to see in the coming devotees.