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Love in the Existence of Spies is, as its title recommends, a romantic tale between two covert operatives during the Virus War, an East German lady and an American man, each working for their particular restricting secret organizations and,

in this way, against one another. Their gatherings, apparently unintentional, unfurl over years in the US, Germany, Argentina, Paraguay and, at last, serve just to uncover a questionable future.

It poses the inquiry: is such an affection practical under such convoluted and unfavorable international conditions? Or on the other hand was it intended to be – as a chance – as indicated by karma’s outline.

The response, albeit not conclusive, is perhaps, or even yes including, surprisingly, Anthroposophy. By Honest Thomas Smith

\Alma and Nico live on far edges of a woodland close to their homes. One day when they are both perusing a similar book (The Enchanted Hill) inside the timberland, however distant from one another,

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the trees unexpectedly converse with them. They are extremely astounded to hear trees talk, yet the trees make sense of that they just converse with individuals who tune in.

They make sense of that they heard men looking at chopping down the timberland to sell the wood or the land or construct things on it.

Alma and Nico are frightened by this information and choose to do something together to forestall it. So they converse with numerous different kids,

who choose to go along with them in their endeavor to save the timberland. A bi-lingual, English and Spanish, story for youngsters age 8 on up.

This English version was composed by Honest Thomas Smith, with representations by Celina MacKern. Altered by James D. Stewart.

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From an excursion through the 12 star groupings to a ride with a heavenly jackass, with amazing moderate stations,

the heroes of these 12 stories are engaged with entrancing experiences that will charm youthful perusers and have a permanent effect on their psyches and on their souls. For youngsters from 9 years of age on up.

These accounts include: An Excursion to the Stars, Grandmother Butterfly, How the Jackass Got its Cross, The Seventh Birthday celebration,

A Sword Fell On the Mountain, Juancito Hummingbird, My Feline is an Entertainer, The Red-headed Pizza, The Lemonade Venders, The Mosquito who Spot an Inflatable, Sir Gawain and the Winged serpent, and Lost in the Forest.

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This is the first English release of Un Viaje a las Estrellas, by Straightforward Thomas Smith, with outlines by Celina MacKern. Altered by James D. Stewart.