Save any video in your Mobile Gallery

Amazing New cool App to save any video in your Mobile Gallery

Hey guys In In today’s article I am going to tell you that how can save any photo in your phone gallery ….

So in today’s article I am going to tell you a very amazing application, with the help of which you can save of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube’s video that you can save all kinds of videos in your phone gallery very easily.

If you are watching a video on Facebook and you like a video, there is a funny video or whatever video you like and you want it to come in my phone gallery, how can you download that video?

Because many times it happens that I like the video on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube, then we do not know how to download this favorite video, then that video gets out of our hands, so in today’s article I will show you the same method.

Ok so friends, for this work, you will have to download an application for this work and I will also tell you from where you have to download this application.

So at the bottom of this article you will find the download link, by clicking on that download link, you can download this application without any problem.


So the name of this app is HD Video Downloader

When you will open this app after download …Many icons will be made in front of you, which will be of Facebook, will be of Vid mate, will be of Dailymotion App…

By clicking on the plus button, you can add the icons of other applications here as they are.

So if you click on Facebook, then your Facebook login page will appear in front of you, you have to login here, whatever video you watch from here and you like and you want this video to come in my phone gallery …. So you can easily download and save this video in your phone gallery …

But if you follow my advice, then you do not login from here, you go directly to your Facebook application and open Facebook. …

So as soon as you go to your Facebook app and play any video that you like, and you want that this video will have in your phone gallery, then what you have to do…..


when the video is opened… Above the video you will get three dots, what you have to click on three dots to copy the Url….

Having done so much work, you will get many options, you have to copy the URL of this video by clicking on the option of copy link here.

Ok so when you have copied the link of this video then you have to go to the same application again ….

After opening that application, you do not have to go to any application, above you will get the option of a URL, you have to paste that copied link here.

After pasting the copy link, many applications will come in front of you, the video will be in front of you….

Apart from this, many other similar applications will also come in front of you….

What you have to do, if you want to download the same application on which you copied the link, then here you will see a red color download button, you have to click on that download button.

As soon as you download and click on the button, it will still tell you that this video is of so much MB and is of this quality, then you have to select your quality as well and apply it for downloading.

After doing this your video will start downloading ….

And this very fast downloading video will not be take any time and very quickly download the video and send it to our gallery …..

So friend, you have to download exactly like I have told you how to download, then will your downloading be like this?

Ok so when its downloading is complete then you will go to the gallery of your mobile and a folder of the application will be taken from you, then you have to go to the video, then you will find this video there which will have been downloaded in the gallery of your mobile.

Hope you have to understand it was very simple very easy way that you can download any type of video…..

So friends, if you also want to download any of your videos like this, then you have to install the application, which I have told you in the article, you will get this application download link very easily….

By clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

So Download and Enjoy this Super cool App…


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