Amazing Super power Facebook feature

Amazing Super power Facebook feature

Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that What is that feature from which you can take the most advantage…

Yes friends, in which article today I have brought a very amazing setting, I have brought a very amazing trick for you people who are related to Facebook.


If you also want to know, then you have read this article till the end, you will understand that you will know what is that trick.

Ji friends, the new feature is that you usually watch videos on Facebook and you like those videos very much and you want the video to just come in your gallery, this video should come in your phone….

You just want to save that Facebook video with you ….

So guys! How To Do It With Today’s article , You Will Know …

See friends, you will have to download an application for this work, now I will tell you from where you have to download that application.

At the bottom of the article you will see a download link, what you have to do is click on that download link and with the help of that link you have to download the application.

It is also very easy to run the application and the biggest thing is that if you download it, then we will not get to see any kind of ad, anywhere, such an issue will not come, just download our movie and download our video.

So I told you from where you have to download this application, hope you have understood that from where you will get the download link of this application.

After downloading, a page will open in front of you, first of all what to do You have to go to your own Facebook and you have to open any video, if you have any video of your choice, then you have to open that video.

Whenever you play any video, on top of Facebook, you see 3 dots on the right side corner, you have to click on those 3 dots.

After clicking on the three dots, one will be page in front of you, there will be many options in it and there will be a copy link option, then you have to copy the link of this video by clicking on the copy link….

You have done so much work, you have copied the link of your video, then you have to come again to the application.

After coming to the application, you have to open the application, a page will be in front of you.

There will be a place in front of you , where you will have to give the URL of the video whose link you had copied from Facebook as well.

Only after doing this much work will ask you in which quality do you want, if you want to want in 1080 quality then you can download in that or now if you want to do 720 then you can also download in that which is yours.

You will click on what you want and your video will start downloading in good quality.

After doing just this, your video will be downloaded, it will come in your gallery, it will take a few minutes, after which whatever video you like on your Facebook, which you used to like and you wanted to come in your gallery, then it will be yours….

Hope you have understood, this is a very powerful feature, it is a very new trick, which many people did not know and hope that those who do not know, you must have come to know.

And hopefully those who were looking for such an application that we can find such an application with the help of which we can download any video of our Facebook, then hopefully their issue will also be solved.

it was very simple way

I have told you by downloading this application, you will find a link at the bottom of this article, you can download this application very easily by clicking on the link …

If you want to have the video of your choice, you can quickly download this application and quickly get the video you like in your gallery.


So Guys use this application now, hope you will like these application very much… and you will definitely be very happy to use this application in your mobile.


So Download and enjoy