Amazing Super Power Google Earth Android Application

Amazing Super Power Google Earth Android Application

Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that how to use Google Earth App….. And what kind of advantages and disadvantages of this App….

Basically this is the Application which is used by downloading or we can use it live … But use for live we need fast internet.,.

If you want to download then from play store you will get this application very easily ……

So guys You can download this particular App also for mobiles and you can also use this app on desktop …..

This is registered app by play store it is not a kind of fake App…..

Basically The job of this application is to tell the location, it will tell you all types of location, if you want to search your house too, then you can find it with the help of this particular application.

So in this Article you will know about this Google Earth app and how to use it…

This App shows us the live location of earth in Full HD… By the help of application or software you can see the live location of earth …..

To see Google or Live Location, you have to Download Google Earth official application from Play Store.

So friends, after downloading an application, when you open this Apo, you will get the permission of this application, you have to give it all the permissions by allowing its all their permissions.

After allowing permission …. The interface of earth will be in front of you…. And the arrow option is made below …. you have to click on this arrow option by going to Next……

So friends, after doing so much work, The earth interface will come in front of you in which 256 countries are present…..

So guys Here will be the search icon, you have to click on it and search any location which you want to search…..

Like for example if you would write Tomb of Quaid e Azam…. And search , Then after that it will show you exact location of Mazar e Quaid…..

Here it will give you also 2D and 3D

When It will show you any location for example Tomb of Quaid e Azam… It will show you the way where to enter in this Tomb… etc etc…

In this way friends, You can take any place and it will tell you exactly because this is official app and this set will tell you everything exactly where to be inside, where to admit us, everything tell us about that..,.

Apart from this, you can search just not only about your country, but you can also search about every place out of country, where is this place and how many minutes is this place at a distance and that means tell you everything correctly.

Friends, this is a very Amazing and cool app, when you use it all, you will continue to know more functions of features about this app.

So my friends, this is done advantages, about this app, now we also see the disadvantages of this app because we should not only go to the good points of everything but also keep knowing disadvantages of every thing…..

So the disadvantages of this is….

Many people set such a setting with the help of other Apps, including the Google Earth app. And then a lot of Wi-Fi hacking starts.

Yes guys and this is true…. And it mostly happens everywhere…. which is very disappointed ….

The rest of the apps are included because this app tracks their location and tells you where Wi-Fi is near you and how many people are running Wi-Fi???, and the rest of the app will tell you how to hack. With the help of Perfect Truck, Wi-Fi of others helps to run in your phone.

The job of this application is to track the simple location. But by adding other applications to this application, many people also misuse this App.

And by doing so, many people are doing themselves a disservice.

So guys, you have to try and avoid such things.

So friends, you must have understood that this Amazing application has advantages and what is the disadvantage.

So of course you take benefit of its advantage and avoid with disadvantage.

If you want, you can also download this application from Play Store, apart from this a download link will be given to you at the bottom of the article, by clicking on the link you can download the application very easily.

So Download and enjoy…..!