Auto Reply – Latest New App

Auto Reply – Latest New App

Hey Guys I am going to tell you in this article that how can you set auto reply on your WhatsApp….

if you think that I will tell you about WhatsApp business or I am telling you to download application from Play store…Or I will tell you the type of application which you link with your official WhatsApp… so nothing like that at all…

Iver tell you the shortcut way with the help of which you will able to do this work very easily … You also have a snake advantage, now what is the benefit, you will understand by reading the article further.

so friends usually you use official WhatsApp for every type of work but in this article I will tell you the another WhatsApp which you have to download from the link and from where from you get this link???

so I am telling you so…

I will give you the download link of that application at the bottom of this article…. you can download that application by pressing the link at the bottom of the article….

so friends after downloading, you will open it and you have to create an account on it and the way of creating account is the same which you create the account in your official WhatsApp so same like that way you have to make account in it …

So friends, whenever you create an account, then you come to the home screen of WhatsApp, a display comes in front of you which also comes in official WhatsApp.

Now friends, here comes the matter that how you will set up auto reply because if you chat with auto reply, then it will benefit. That whenever any contact message will send you, then automatically the message that you have set, it will reply from it.

Now I am going to tell you how to set that auto reply.

So friends, who are you on the right side but you will see 3 lines, you have to click on it.

When you click on your lines, here you will get an option and then you have to click on it for reply.

If you click on auto reply, then you will get a plus sign, you have to click on it.

So friends, when you click on it, three options will come in front of you, you have to reply to all the messages, so you have to let it stay like this, so you have not do something .

Below this you will get an option and then reply message, now here you have to set any message like someone you can write here thanks for messaging …

This will happen that whenever someone will message you and you will not see his message or else you have set this message, otherwise this message will automatically reply to him like if you do thanks for messaging then thanks for messaging …

So friends, you can write what you understand, like you can also set of “wait I am busy “….

Now below you will get a loose option, you can also select the time from here that means after how long does your auto reply go, image 1 should be taken or after 5 seconds, go after 10 seconds, whatever you want to select, you keep the time.

Amitabh will get an option receiver means you want to set the message of auto reply in the group or in the contact then if you want you can also select “Both” …..

Now you also have to decide the time, how much time it starts, that means whenever you get a message, from what time to what time your auto reply is on, then from here you can select on this time.

After setting this time too, there will be a mark of Tick ✔ you, you have to click on it.

After doing this much work, your auto reply will be set, now anyone will message you on WhatsApp and you are busy, then automatically according to the time you have selected, your auto reply message will go to that person.

In this way, with the help of this application, you can very easily auto reply any contact to your friends.

Hope you have understood, have you understood how to set this setting and from where you will get this WhatsApp, I have told you that you will get the link at the bottom of this article, by clicking on the link, you can download this application.

Download and set the setting in your WhatsApp .