Beauty Video Call – New App

(Beauty Video Call – New App)



hey guys in this article I am going to tell you that how can you make your face beautiful in video call on WhatsApp….



Friends, it happens that all of us who are there use WhatsApp, we use the application of WhatsApp, to send the message to others , etc., we do both audio and video calls in it, so today we are going through video calls.



So what do you do whenever you make a video call with someone, the face you have is not right there, there is no brightness on your face in the right way, Your face is very scared that everyone’s skin is also not looking very good.




So you are not looking good on video call, if you want you to look very cute on video call, look beautiful, the person in front should see a lot of glow on your face and brightness is seen on your face.




If you want this, then now you have how to set this setting on your WhatsApp, today we will talk about this in this article, you have to read this article till the end.



Because this is a very useful and very powerful article, then you must take advantage of this article.



So friends, what have you to do, for this work, if you want to make your face look beautiful on a video call, then you have to download an application for this work.




Now you must be thinking that which application you have to download and from where you will get it, then you do not need to worry about all this, let me tell you.



I will give you a one line download link at the bottom of this article, now by clicking on that download link, set this application in your mobile and download it.




After downloading, now you have to open it, after that you have to create an account on it, now the account will be created exactly like you create an account on your WhatsApp, only in the same way you have to create an account in this application




Well friends, like you create an account, after that your WhatsApp is set, in the same way this application will also be set in your mobile.



Now you have to make a video call to whomever you want to call, when you make a video call, you get the interface that comes on your WhatsApp.



Below you will get some effects in this WhatsApp itself, you can select any effect with your hand.



So the look of your face with this effect will look very nice and you will also get a brightness button at the bottom, so you can increase the brightness from here, you can also increase it, so in this way your face can look very beautiful.



If you use back effects, then your face will glow very much, it will make you feel beautiful, you will feel very cute and cute, you will feel that you are looking very beautiful in video call ….



This is the application with the help of which you can look very nice and beautiful on your video call ….



If you did not know about this application, then hopefully you must have come to know about the article that by clicking on the link which is given to you below, you can download this application quickly, create an account on this application.



I hope this article of mine will be very beneficial for you.



If you also want to write well on your video call, then quickly download this application and create your account on it and use this WhatsApp in your mobile.