Best Assistive Touch App for Android users

Best Assistive Touch App for Android users


Hey guys In this article I am going to tell you that how can you use assistive touch with the help of an application ….


You have seen a lot of Android users , in searching this that How Do We Apply Assistive touch on Our Android Version ….



very simple very easy way read full article you will know …For one job you will need an application and now you must be thinking from where will you get the application.



I will give you a download link at the bottom of this article, by clicking on that download link, you will be able to download this application very easily.



Very simple very easy way you just have to download this particular App…


So now in this article we will see that how you have to run that application and how to set that setting on your mobile.


I have asked you to download the application, you have to download that application and install it on your mobile.


After downloading, when you open it for the first time, it will ask you Permissions… you have to allow all the permission of this particular app…



For applying assistive touch, an interface will appear in front of you…. Here the Assistive Touch will be disabled… you have to enable it….



And then you have to cine back… After doing just this, when you come to one, a button will come in front of you which you will be able to see on your mobile screen.



This button is Assistive Touch… We click on this Assistive touch… Many android users try a lot to install it on android mobile ….With the help of which you can easily go to any setting very quickly.



Just like this one will do assistive touch, then the camera will come in front of you, the setting of the mobile will be in front of you..,.



flash light will be come in front of your lock will be come in front of you….


You will get so many options in this status, so in this way with the help of this application you will be able to use your many application very easily.


You Can Apply It On Your Android Version …


Some people were not understanding this setting, those who were not getting this application, then hopefully they must have understood this setting and you must have got it from the application.



It was very simple, very easy way, hope you have understood this setting, just what you have to do, which link has been given to you at the bottom of the article. By clicking on that link, you have to install this application in your mobile very easily.



Then after that, many such setting options will come in your assistive touch, which you will very easily click on just one click touch, all those options will come in front of you and you can easily choose whichever option you want from right here.



In this way, with the help of this application, you can open any option very easily, if you want, you can set any option yourself from here.



If you have any such application or there is any such option which you use again and again, you use it many times a day, then you can set those options here so that whenever you need, you can get your that on just one click.



It was very simple, very easy way, if you were also looking for such an application, if you were also looking for such a setting, then hopefully you must have come to know that setting, you must have found the application.



Quickly download this application and take advantage of all the features of this application.