Best Font Changer App For WhatsApp

(Best Font Changer App For WhatsApp)


Hey Guys In this article I am going to tell you that how on you change the font of your message on whatsapp.



So friends, all of you people use the application of WhatsApp and all the people who use the application to message themselves, they know that your WhatsApp fonts is normal, due to which you have become very setup…



So you guys want that you can find a different type of writing in WhatsApp message, you will get a different type of font in WhatsApp message …..



If you also want that if whatever message you send on your WhatsApp, then its writing should be in different styles and giving a different look, then if you want this, then read this article till the end.



Very simple is a very easy way, after that whoever you send the message, he will get the message in the same font, which font you have selected and sent it by typing the message.



I will give you the download link at the bottom of the article, by clicking on the link, you can download the application on it very easily very easily.



After downloading, an interface will come in front of you, there will be many fonts of this application, they will come in front of you.



There will be very different style fonts that you will come across … Some will be bold some will be thinner than some will be very good, you will be able to select that which you like.


Above you will have been given a typing side, you can write your message by selecting any phone from below by typing end.



So whatever message you have to write, you have to come to this application and type anything on the typing site this year, no matter how big the message is or whatever the message is, you have to type it.



When you type your message, you will see a WhatsApp icon below, you have to click on that WhatsApp icon.



When you click on the icon of WhatsApp, after that your WhatsApp will open, now your phone chats will appear in front of you, you have to select the chat to which you want to send this message.



In this way, then you can send that message to your friend, family member or any contact to whom you want to send the message.



So the next person will get your message in exactly the same fonts that you have selected on the font….



In this way, with the help of this application, you will be able to change the fonts number of your WhatsApp messages very easily.


So here you can choose a variety of writing fonts that you have, you will find many types of styles, you can do whatever you like.


Hope you have understood that how to use this style setting in this application



And it is expected that those who did not know about this application, then hopefully they must have come to know and those who were looking for this application that they can find such an application with the help of which they can change the writing of their message.




It is also very easy to run this application, when you download this application, you will also know how to run this application automatically.



Click on the link below the article to download this application and use it..


So just what you have to do, if you also come across something like this, then you just have to download an application for this work, now you must be wondering, where will you get any application, then I will solve your issue too.

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