Best Shortcut Trick To Open Any App In Your Android Phone

Best Shortcut Trick To Open Any App In Your Android Phone

Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that how to open Your any app in your mobile in shortcut way….

So friends, today’s article is going to be very useful….So friends, if you are running an application like for example you are using WhatsApp, you are running WhatsApp and you want to go to Facebook other than WhatsApp, if you want to turn on other applications, Foe example Instagram , Viber, messenger or any other….

How can you open that other application while still on your WhatsApp,

Like what do you do now, if you are using WhatsApp and if you get a notification of Facebook, then you back your screen from WhatsApp and after that open Facebook, then I will tell you the shortcut method here…….

After this a lot of your time will also be saved and you will be able to do more of your work in a short time.

What you have to do is to read this article till the end, you will know that it is a very useful article.

For this shortcut work, what you have to do, you will have to download an application, to switch this application, you can use one application to another very easily in a short time,

(Where To Download This Application )

So Guys here you will be thought where to get this Application.
then you will find the download link of this application at the bottom of this article.

So You can download this particular app very easily from there…..

After downloading, when you will open this application for the first time, then you will get a display like this,

then, Many options will come in front of you, the first option which will be Enable Toolbox which is the name of the application, you have to turn off this App….

Then you have to give permit this app, another page will open in front of you, you have to turn it on from here and give its permission.

After giving permission, you will come to back and then again you will come to the home page and on the side you will have the option of a select app, you will click there, then all the applications of your phone will be in front of you.

Now you have to manually select the application that you want to keep in the shortcut like you are using WhatsApp and you want to go to this application suddenly, then you have to put that application in the shortcut here.

Then when you have selected whatever application that you want to switch soon in the shortcut, after selecting so much, you have to come to the home screen of the mobile.

When you come to the home screen of the mobile, the icon in front of you will appear.

As soon as you click on this icon, many applications will appear in front of you, which you will have placed in the shortcut.

So this icon is called is the toolbox of your Apps, you will click on this toolbox, then all your applications will be very small to you and if you want to make bigger than this then you have to go to again this application ….

After going to the application, you have to go to the setting and here you will see written tool box size on the setting, you have to increase the size by the help of the button from here.

Then when you come to the mobile screen again, the size of your tool box will also increase, along with the size of the icon of the application will also increase.

Then what you have to do is to open any application … like for example if you open YouTube , And from here if you want to go to Instagram then you will click on the toolbox again, all the applications will come and from there you can click on your Instagram and go to the application Instagram very quickly ….

Hope you understand it was very simple very easy way ….

If you were also looking for such an application, then hopefully you have got the app…

Just what you have to say, download this application and I have told you from where to download.

You will be given a download link at the bottom of the article, you can download the application very easily by clicking on the link.

If you also want to go to another application very quickly while staying in one of your applications, then You can use this App….

By the help of this application, You can save your precious time….

So Download and enjoy this Amazing App….