Blank Message For WhatsApp Latest New App

Blank Message For WhatsApp Latest New App



Hey Guys In this article I am going to share with you that how can you send blank or empty message on WhatsApp ….


So friend today the trick I am going to tell you in this article is very useful and I think it is very important for you to extinguish it because in future you may need it so that is why if you do not know now then you have to know.



And if you need it after coming and going, then you should know this setting .See it happens that on WhatsApp we sometimes want to send messages to someone recently, but there is no such option inside WhatsApp, with the help of which we send empty messages to anyone.



So you have been sending messages to anyone recently with the help of an application, I will tell you how to set it up on WhatsApp.



See, whenever you open someone’s chat, which is on the typing side, where you type anything, If you type an alphabet then you have a send button. And if you don’t type anything here, you don’t even have a send button. Today I will tell you such a chatting, with the help of which you will be able to send empty messages to anyone, that is, even if you do not write anything, you will still have the send button and you will be able to send empty messages.



You have to download that application for you, I will give you the download link at the bottom of this article, you can download this application by clicking on the link …



After downloading this App, Then a kind of interface will come in front of you, 1 digit will be written in front of you is 10….That is, you can also hundreds of this band, that is, you can increase and decrease the limit of its digit.



That is, there is space i.e. how much space should come inside your empty message, how much gap should come in your blank message ….



When you select whatever number here, whatever digit you set here, after that a box will be made at the bottom, you have not to check it, that is, do not tick it.



Because if you fix this, then the name of this application will also go in your blank message, so you should not do this step tick..,




Below you will have a shirt button in front of you, the option of send will come, you have to click on it.



Then that chat of your WhatsApp will come in front of you, then from here you have to send empty message to that chat to whomever you want to send empty message.



Here your typing will come, here the automatic empty message which is there, it will be set here, you have to send this message by clicking on the send icon button.





In this way, with the help of this application, you can send Bihari message to anyone, it is very simple, very easy way.



You use this application yourself and if you send empty message to anyone, then your friends will also know why you people have sent empty message.




If you also want to send a recent message to someone that you do not get this option inside WhatsApp, then with the help of this application you can send heavy message to someone on WhatsApp.




So you will find the download link of this application at the bottom of this article, you can install this application by clicking on the link




Hope you understand it was very simple very easy setting you download this application and send marriage message to anyone