Blank Message For WhatsApp | New Android App

Blank Message For WhatsApp | New Android App


Hey Guys in today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you send empty or blank message on Whatsapp….



So friends, it happens that we all use WhatsApp and more and more of us want to send empty messages to someone on WhatsApp because it happens that we need it.



But we can not see black message to anyone on WhatsApp because there is no option anywhere as we open WhatsApp, so when we type anything instead of our message, when we write something, then only we have to send button.



It means that we cannot send our empty message, so today I will tell you such a trick in this article that with the help of which you can send empty message to anyone on your WhatsApp in a very simple way.



If you do not know, then you should also see this trick because if not now, you may benefit from this trick or you may need it.



For what you have to do, you will need an application which says that Kishan will give you a lot of benefit, the name of that application is blank message.



Now from where will you get the download link of this application, I will share it with you guys, I will give you the download link at the bottom of the article, you can install the application on your mobile from there.



For the first time when you will open this app, you will get a kind of interface in front of you, first of all, a digit will show a Counting will be shown here to you, which will be this space, here you will be 10 ….



That is, it would mean that how much space do you want to keep in your recent message i.e. you want to keep 10 space, if you want to keep 20 or keep 100 or 1000 means you can keep as much space here as you want.



So you have to select the number as much space as you want to keep, here you have to write that you have to keep the speed as much as you have to keep …



After this, you will see a box below, you will not tick mark it because if you tick it, then the name of this application will also go with your message under your empty message, so it is better not to tick this box.



After this, you will get a green color send option below, you have to click on it, when you click on it, your WhatsApp chat will open in front of you, then you have to send this empty message to the chat that you have now known.



Now you will select that chat, then here you will come to you empty message and send button will also appear in front of you, so if you want to send message then quickly you can click on send button….



If you want to increase your recent message further, then you can also copy your empty message from here, then you paste it again on typing speed and then you have given a space from the gap button to your empty message.



In this way you will get that empty message bigger and you can send it to the next person ….



In this way, with the help of this amazing application, you can send a blank message to any of your friends on WhatsApp.



Downloading of this application, you will not get what you want from this article, you can download the application from there and take advantage of this application.

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