Block Wrong Number Calls – Block Unknown Calls

Block Wrong Number Calls – Block Unknown Calls


Hey Guys ! In today’s Article I’m Going To Tell You That’s How You Can Stop Wrong Calls On Your Phone….



Because it happens that you never talk to someone on the phone and at the same time you get a call from an unknown number.


Today in this article I am going to share such setting with you people regarding phone calls, which I think is very important for you to know….



Because you are talking to someone on a phone call, your family members are your friends, then at the same time some wrong call bothers you.


So sometimes you disconnect his call but he is the guy who calls you from a new number …. How can you avoid the call to such an unknown number, today I will tell you in this article….



Apart from this, if there is a company from which you get calls again and again and you are fed up with its calls, then you can get rid of that too.



So I will tell you an application, with the help of that application, you can very easily award unknown calls to unknown numbers, you just read this article till the end.



A download link will be given to you for this article, by clicking on that link you have to download an application.



After downloading, when you open this application for the first time, it will ask you for permission, whose permission do you have to give? you have to Allow 2 time . Then click on Yes Button….



Now here a separate display will come in front of you where it will be written Block Logs and Black List….


Above you will see three dots, you have to click on it, then you will have many options, you have to click on Option “settings”.



After coming to the settings, there will be an option here by blocking the call, if it is disabled then you have to enable it or not, if it will be in red color then you have to do it in green color …



Now here you will see many options below, the first option will be black list, here you have to click and select the number which is troubling you, put it in the black list. There will be an add button under the cream color, you have to click on it so that this number gets added to the black list and this number will not be able to call you again.



Now here below there will be another option of whitelist, you will click on it, here you will attend whose calls, you want to get his calls will be received in your mobile, then you have to add that number.



So in this way you will add those numbers in the blacklist whose calls you do not want to receive. And add those numbers in the white list whose calls you want to receive.



In this way, with the help of this application, you can stop the call of unknown number very easily.



If you want, if you get a lot of calls from any mobile company and you are fed up with it and they harass you, what should you do, you can also put their number in the black list here …



So in this way you will not get any unknown rong calls or anyone will be able to harass you …


In this way, with the help of this application, you can do your work very easily, you just have to download the application.



You will be given the download link of this application at the bottom of this article, from there you can download.

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