Bubble Style – Latest New App – WhatsApp

Bubble Style – Latest New App – WhatsApp

Hey Guys In This Article I’m Going To share with you the amazing display style of your chat screen of your WhatsApp …

So friends, as you know that in today’s era, WhatsApp has become the need of all of us, everyone benefits from this application, uses this application.

And with the help of this application we all over the world over the world we can talk to others on call or message and recording we can send pictures etc we can also send videos etc.

Not only this, but we also use our WhatsApp for business etc.

In this way, we use this application a lot and it happens by doing setup, we become very useless after seeing the same display of this application and we want its display to change.

And we are waiting for a new update soon or a new feature of WhatsApp is launched, which we can take advantage of.

So friends, today we will tell you such a feature in this article. that will make your heart happy …

The name of the style in which I am going to tell you is Babli Style i.e. you can make the style of your chat on your chat screen in bubbles, it was different, you will get a very beautiful look of your WhatsApp.

If you also want the chat style of your chat screen to be completely different and your WhatsApp looks more interesting to you …

You have to read this article till the end, very soon you will know.

Friends, if you want that the chat style of your chat screen should be changed, then what you have to do for that, you will get the link at the bottom of this article, by clicking on that download link, you have downloaded this one’s WhatsApp i.e. this application.

When you have downloaded this application in your mobile, then you have to create an account on it.

The way to create an account is also not difficult, just like you create your normal WhatsApp Pay account, you have to create it on this too.

Your WhatsApp home screen will come in front of you, what have you to do, on the corner, you will see three dots on the right side, you have to click on it.

Right now here you will get a lot of options, you have nowhere to go, do not leave anyone, the first option which is of setting, you have to click on it.

What you have to do after coming to the first option setting, you have to come to the chat screen …

Friends when you will come on the chat screen …

Here you will get to see an option Bubbles and Tricks, you have to click on it.

Friends, here you will find many types of styles which are bubble styles that your chat means you will have so much of it that you can choose whatever you like.

So friends, there is every kind of Facebook, it is also a lot, now let me tell you the names of whom, you try all one by one or if you like to see it, you can select it on your chat screen.

So friends, with the help of this application, you can make your WhatsApp more beautiful. This will happen that when you use your WhatsApp, you will get very good healing and you will feel very good by using this application.

And the best thing let me tell you that when you use this application, it has many more options and features, you will like it very much.

Friends, if you want to select this style, then you can quickly click on the link which will be given to you at the bottom of the article. From there you can download this WhatsApp and enjoy this WhatsApp …

So Download and use it