Call Recorder Pro – Latest New Free App

Call Recorder Pro – Latest New Free App

Hey Guys in this article I am going to tell you that how you can record your call on WhatsApp, whether it is a video call or an audio call, you can record all kinds of calls.

So today we will talk about Pro Call Recorder from where we can download this application. Where do we get this version Pro ….

If we download from play store, then we get a lot of ads there. But what happens is that at most we can just 100 record of the call that is there, and there is a lot of issue of too many ads coming.

If you will check now on play store and you will search by name then you will get many applications which are very useless.

But today I will tell you the link in the article or whatever application I will tell you, then it is a very powerful call recorder, with the help of which you can record all the calls of your WhatsApp.

What you have to do is to write on play store Auto Call Recorder, in this way, you have to write in the search on play store….

“Auto Call Recorder Pro Apk”…

When you download this application, then what you have to open and set aside all its permissions.

Then what you have to do, you will see three more on the right side, click on it, the settings located here will go by clicking on the setting. Here you have to enable auto call recorder.

On top of Krish, you will again get these box size, you have to click on it, when you click on the inbox site, many options will come in front of you, you have to select the option with 1000.

After this there will be a storage option which you have to select internal and external so what do you have to say that you have to select internal ….

Just then what will happen after that this application will be set in your mobile, after that it will happen that all your calls will be recorded on WhatsApp.

In this way, with the help of this application, you can record your WhatsApp calls very easily.

Very simple, very easy way, what you have to do is just download this application, you have to give all the permissions to it and you have to set all the settings of this application which I told.

Then what you will do very easily, you will be able to record all the calls in it, whether it is from your friends, family member or whose call comes on your phone in your contact, if it comes on WhatsApp, then it will be recorded in this application.

By the way, we get many applications, I also have many applications but they were of no use, some of them used to work, some did not, in which some had limited call records.

But in this application, it is very easy that we can record unlimited calls too, in a very simple way, you can download this application from play store, I told you the name of this application.

In this way, with the help of this application, you can record all the calls very easily, if you have a call on your WhatsApp, then you can also record it.

I have used the application myself, it is a very useful application and with the help of this application, we get this work done very comfortably, we do not face any issue anywhere.

If you also want to record your calls, then quickly download this application and record all your calls yourself.

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