Cool App For Mobile Volume Button – Button Mapper App

Cool App For Mobile Volume Button – Button Mapper App


Hey guys In today’s article I am going to tell you that an amazing app which will work on mobile volume button if any android…..



So in today’s article, I will tell you that the volume button of your mobile like volume up and volume down….. I will also share with you one such trick that you many people will not know…..



What work can you do with your volume button, I will tell you today’s article….



If we go to the menu of our mobile, there are many applications here, now we can not use all of these applications all the time. And there are some applications that we use in our daily use, in the daily routine.



Now what we will do is to add these applications to our volume buttons, which are present on the volume buttons of our mobile, for this work we will need an application ….



There is an application that will be useful for you for this work, you have to download this application and the download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of this article….



After downloading the app, if you open this application for the first time, then one page will come in front of you, you have to next to it, then you have to click “open setting” option…



Then the display will come in front of you, the first option will be disabled, you will turn it on. you have to enable it….


After that you have to do OK, then you have done so much work, now you will have an option of “volume button” …..



When you click on the volume button, after clicking, there will be an option to customize it, it will be disabled as you have to enable.



Below will be the option of the customers, it will be disabled, then you have to click it too, then you will see that the volume is now setting and below will be the volume down setting ….Right Below the Customize….



Right now it will be written below the customize Single tap, Double tap and long press …Now what you have to understand is this thing like here we will open a single tap option….



So when the answer comes once on the volume button, which application will be open, then you have to take it from that application like for example you select play store here …



You will select the matter on a single tap, you will get the display in front of you at the top, you will have an action option in front of you, you have to click on the button of this action, here you will have the option of application, you have to come to the application.



Right now, the application that will come from your mobile key, for example, you can put Chrome browser here, then you can set Chrome browser here.



In the same way, you have to click on the double type below, in the same way, after clicking on it, now again we will use the same application that we use the volume of your mobile button.



So here also you have to set up any application in the same way like you can set file manager.



In the same way, the option below will be long press, that is, if you long press and hold your volume button, then which application will open, then you have to set that application here.



In the same way, there is a volume down button, there if you tap once, then you have to set which application to open.


And if you tap the volume down button twice, then which application will open then you can set that application and in the same way you can set the application on long press also.



So in this way, with the help of this application, you can do many things with the volume button of your mobile, like you can set the everyday applications that you use a lot.



Those of you who do not know about this, hope that they have come to know from today as well as tomorrow, then quickly download this application by clicking on the link and take advantage of this application.