Create Personal Stickers For WhatsApp – Cool App

Create Personal Stickers For WhatsApp – Cool App


Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you use and make your personal photo as a sticker on WhatsApp….



That is, how can you like your personal photo on WhatsApp, on WhatsApp, so in today’s article I will share this with you guys, you have to read this article till the last.



So by the way, many of their own stickers, by default speakers are present inside it, which you can use, for this work, and the other thing is, we get many applications on the play store, with the help of which we can use the stickers of WhatsApp.



So today I will tell you how you use your own sticker, you can do that to anyone, if you have a personal photo, how can you send the stickers….



So you can also share the images you have with your friends in the stickers mode….


Like you go to Google and search bar there, then any picture comes which does not have background, then you can use it towards the stickers….



In this way, if you have a personal photo, if you face its background, then if you remove its background, then you can send it on your WhatsApp, which will be given to your friends in the stickers mode ….


As you wrote Diwali PNG in Google, you have got a lot of people who will not have background, so you can use such images on stickers mode too.



Apart from this, you will have to download an application, Stickers for WhatsApp, which you have downloaded from the Play Store, you can make your personal photo stickers in it.



All the images you have downloaded for pic , we have to keep in the download folder of your mobile. All the images of the night that you have just made in the PNG file, you have to convert them in your download folder.



Then you have to download your application, which is the application of Stickers for WhatsApp, you have to open it. Now many of your images will come here which you would have done only if your personal photo will also come here and your personal photos which you google is false, they will also come here ….



When you open it, it will automatically show the edit below here that your picture edit is not going to edit….



Here you have set PNG or you have made your personal photo in PNG, please I will get you an add button, if you have to click on it, then the picture of you will be from here i.e. this application



After that whenever you open your WhatsApp and go to the smiley section of your WhatsApp and here you have to go to the sticker section, then your picture will appear in front of you, which was your sticker.



In this way, you can see your personal photos to any of your friends, you can send this stickers on WhatsApp …



In this way, with the help of this application, you can make any picture sticker by making your PNG file and send it to your friends on WhatsApp.



Hope you have understood, how do you make your WhatsApp stickers lists for yourself and send them to your friends?




Those who did not know, hope they must have also come to know and if you were looking for the application, then you must have come to know about this application too, so quickly just download the application from the link given below and enjoy it.

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