Freeze Your Last Seen On WhatsApp – Bubble Notification Chat

Freeze Your Last Seen On WhatsApp – Bubble Notification Chat

Hey Friends In this article I am going to tell you that how to freeze your last seen on WhatsApp …

Wiki friends, all the WhatsApp that you download from Chrome, which are local WhatsApp, I am not talking about them because in that we get a different option to freeze the last seen.

i will tell you on official WhatsApp can you how to freeze last seen on official WhatsApp…..

If you want your last seen to be frozen…. your friends don’t know that you are coming online when you are offline then know exactly what your last seen is no one will know that if you stay online or not….


How can you do this on official WhatsApp because there are many people who know about local WhatsApp but do not know official WhatsApp, how can we freeze do our last seen on official WhatsApp ….

For this work you will need an application, you have to download this application ….

( where to download this particular app with the help you can freeze your last seen freeze)

So friends, now you must be thinking this and it will be in your mind that how and from where you will download this application.

I will give you the link at the bottom of the article, you can download the application by clicking on that download link very easily.

What you have to do is to download the application and allow its permission and whatever notification comes to you on WhatsApp, you do not go to your WhatsApp, but you have to open that notification in this application and also reply from here because If you go to WhatsApp and open the notification on it, then your last seen will be activated and your friends will know that you have come online.

What you have to do on this application that I have told you, whose download I will give you for this article, you have to open this application if you get any notification, on WhatsApp ….

The App Name is “Whats Bubble Chat”

You have to download this application, after downloading, answer and open it, then this application will take a minute from you to open ….

after opening this App and this application will be open then you have to go next to it …

Now at the bottom you will get a button of one face, you have to click on it, then another display will come in front of you.

Then here you will get an option overlay permission which will be disabled, you have to enable it. Then Allow it….

After this again you will come to the same middle, then below you will get the option of notification access, that will also be disabled, you have to enable it. Then Allow it….

After this another page will appear in front of you, you have an option on the third number, WhatsApp chat Bubble, which will be disabled, you have to enable it. Then Allow…

You have done so much work, now you have given permission to the application, now you will see a button on the left side of the apps.

You have to click on the button of this Apps…
If you click Apps, then three applications will come in front of you, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, so from here you want to enable that application, you can enable that application, then whenever you get a notification, then you have come to this application and open that notification.

So when these applications also you will get notification then you will get 2 notifications in one main application ….

And second, if you have enabled this application in this App….

What you have to do too, if you want to freeze the last seen, then in such an application you will have bubble notification, then in this application you do not have to open that notification and reply from here.

So if you get it, you must have understood that it was a very simple way, so if you are also looking for such a WhatsApp, in your official WhatsApp, you want to get such an option so that you want to try your last seen, then you will get change.

So download and take advantage of this application