Hide Typing From WhatsApp Chat – Best App

Hide Typing From WhatsApp Chat – Best App


Hey Friends , In today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you hide typing from your online status….



Friends, it is exactly like this that today I will tell you that whenever you are talking to someone on a message, you are chatting with anyone on WhatsApp, then whenever you are typing a message, then typing the person in front.



Today you will know that how you can hide something by typing this that you are talking to the person on the message, but the person in front will not know whether you are writing a message to him or you are not writing it, just if you ….




Very simple is a very simple setting, for this work you do not need any kind of application of any sort of WhatsApp, very simple is a very easy way because you must be understanding a lot that I will tell you an application or from any application …. Nothing like this…



I will tell you the amazing trick without any App…. Just what you have to do is to read this article till the end, you will understand that it is a wonderful setting and there is a very small trick that you have to adopt.



Then after that, whoever you chat with, talk to anyone, no one will know that the typing will not be seen above that you are typing a message to him.



This is very small thing… The people who know about it they can leave to read this article and they don’t know about it . for them it will be very much amazing trick….



So friends, whenever you have a message on WhatsApp, it is visible on the Notification bar of your mobile screen…



This happens if you are talking to anyone on message or if you are watching anything on YouTube or any other app… And while you receive a message of anyone, It will be shown on notification bar…



You swipe it and you can read this message from here…


You where you get two options, one reply, one mark as read….


You can repeat this message from here, apart from this, if you click on the reply option here, you can also reply from here. And when the message arrives, you reply from here itself, do not open your WhatsApp …



So in this way the next prisoner does not show typing written nor is it auspicious to have written online, so in this way your online status will be hidden to him.



So in this way, if you are talking to anyone on a chat on WhatsApp, then you should reply right from this only if you look at the message, then the next person will not know whether you are online or you are typing the message. ….



So this is a very amazing copy which I had to tell you without application because I always ask you guys to download some application, so today I thought that this trick should be told to you without application.



So hope you have liked this trick very much, you must have liked this setting very much and surely many of you will not know about this.



And if seen there, there will be many more people who will know a lot about this application and will definitely know about this trick because every one of us uses WhatsApp, then these small tricks everybody know….



So the next day people did not know and I would be very happy if these people came to know about my articles, so if you did not know, then now you have come to know, then in this way if you want to hide your typing status …



In this way, you can read the message from here and also reply from here.

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