Hide Your Gallery photos Or Videos – Best Security App

Hide Your Gallery photos Or Videos  – Best Security App



Hey Guys In this Article I’m Going To Tell You That How Can You Hide Your Gallery Photos And Videos From Another Person ….


If someone takes your mobile from you and goes to your gallery, if you have also installed people, then he gets you to open the lock of your gallery.



Then he sees your personal photo, his videos, the ones you want him not to see, even then he goes to those photos in galleries and sees ….



So today I will tell you such a setting, with the help of which he will go to your photo gallery but he will not be able to see your photos and personal videos.



This is a very useful article because there are such small settings, if you do not know, then sometimes it will come in handy, then you have to read this article till the end.



For this work you will need an application, it is a very amazing application and it is a very useful application which is going to be very useful for you.



The name of that application is “Torch”…


You will be given the download link of this application at the bottom of this article, from there you can download this application very easily.



To say, the name of this application is torch, anyone will understand that there is an application with a flashlight, if you turn it on, then the torch will be turned on, if you turn it off, then the torch will be turned off.



But when you open this application, inside you will get a button which will be the button of on and off, so that you will turn on and off the flashlight, even this is a torch application.



But its biggest one is the state that above you will get an option, if you long press the answer, then it will ask you for the password. Here the option above will be named Torch. When you long press on this option, it will still ask you for the password and here you have to set that password.



The password that you never forget because if you forget this password, then in this application you also keep photos and videos, all that will be out of your hands.



You have to remember this password…

So here you have some things that you have to set, after that options will come in front of you, photos ,videos, notes of audios and many more which will come back from some options.



Here you can save all these things that you have, as soon as you click on the plus cemetery here, the gallery will come in front of you, the picture you want to hide from people, you can click on it and bring it to this application.



Then that picture will disappear from your gallery or not anyone will take your mobile then that picture has become known videos, audios or any notes which are very important for you are private please don’t want to share it …



So as soon as you bring it to this application, it will disappear from the gallery.




But you always have to remember one thing that you have to remember the password of this because even if it happens, do you forget the password or if anyone becomes so high and low, then it will happen that the photo of you….



So in this way with the help of this application you can secure your personal photos and videos in this application.



You have to download this application and the download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of this article.

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