How Can You Change Your Voice in Beautiful Girl Voice

How Can You Change Your Voice in Beautiful Girl Voice

Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that how you can change your voice in clearly and perfectly girl voice….


So friends, today’s article is going to be very very amazing , it is going to be very cool, you have to read the article till the end, you will know soon….

Today in which article I will tell you such a trick by which if you want to send voice recording to your voice if you want to make a voice call to someone on WhatsApp or on Messenger, then it will go in the voice of girls and very perfect and clear voice of girl will be generated …..

So friends, you can do all this work with the help of an application, believe in that application’s voice will be so clear and perfectly…

Then that no human will be able to understand that if you are a boy and you changed your voice through this app, then no one will understand whether you are a boy…..

The Application Name is “Super Voice Changer”….

So friends, the link of the application that you have to download. link will be given to you at the bottom of this article , you can download this application very easily by clicking on the link.

So friends, after downloading, when you have to open this application, for the first time you have to click on Accept and Continue….

After this, some options will come in front of you, which gender do you want to select, then not you, you also have to select male.

Then you have to select the male from here, if you want to convert your voice to female, then you will select the male from here ..,

Then you have to click on OK …

If friends, you will get to see many ads in this application, then at this time you should turn off the WiFi, turn off your internet so that you do not have to face the ad.

Now there is no need to panic at all, if you will turn off the internet, then even offline you can use this application very easily.

Ok so friends, now going ahead you will get to see four options “Record Audio” , “Open Audio” , “Voice Message ” and “Saved Audio”….

If you want to voice message to someone on WhatsApp, what you have to do in the voice of any girl, you have to click on the voice message option….After doing this much work, you will get the icon of the voice, which will appear on the mobile screen.

After doing this much work, you have to come back on mobile screen and then go to your WhatsApp and you have to open this chat, which you have to voice message in the voice of the girl.

When you come to WhatsApp, you will open the reply to the chat on WhatsApp, then you have to click on that icon

If you click on that icon, then four more options will come in front of you, you have to click on the option with mic, after that an option will be of mic in front of you….

You have to click on that option… It will ask you to Allow , you have to allow it…Then after that your audio will start recording ….
Then when you have recorded your audio, you have to stop it, then when you come ahead, many characters option will come in front of you, if you want a girl’s voice, then you will click on the girl character.

After selecting the character you have to click on Ok Button then click on agree button… then press Allow button and after that save button.
After pressing on save button your audio will be saved in your mobile phone….

After doing all this work, you have to open again your WhatsApp and click on its icon, you will see that you have got a voice that you recorded and if you want to do that voice message. you have to click this voice…

If you click to voice which you will record through this app, then you will also click on the mic of WhatsApp, It will happen due to Its recording will be done in WhatsApp and then you to have send that recording to your contact….

If you want to prank with a friend, then if you want to harass him then you can use this application, the voice will be very clear in this that no one will even know that you are a boy …..

So Download and enjoy…..!