How to Auto Delete Messages On WhatsApp

How to Auto Delete Messages On WhatsApp


Hey Friends In today’s Article I’m Going To Tell You That How Can You Delete Automatically Your Seven Days Old Messages on WhatsApp ….



So friends, it happens that on WhatsApp, if you talk to your friend on a message from any contact, then you have a lot of chatting, you also have friendship, you also have many such personal things.



You want it to delete itself after 7 days or it gets deleted on your side also it gets deleted on your side too ….


How to do this setting is very simple very easy setting just one setting you have to enable….



After that, whatever your chatting is, no matter how many messages your friend has or how many messages you have in the field, WhatsApp will automatically delete your messages from both your side and your friend’s side.



For this work you will have to download an application and that application is only WhatsApp which you have to install in your mobile.



Now you must be thinking that where will you get the application, then guys, let me solve you, from where will you get this application?



At the bottom of this article you will find a download link, by clicking on that download link, you can easily install this application on your mobile.



After downloading, you have to create an account on it and the account will be created just like you create an account on your official WhatsApp.



After creating the account, or whatever is your contact, whose 7 days old chat you want, that WhatsApp will be automatically deleted.



So you have to set a setting, you have to enable one option, after that whatever is your old message, whatever your messages are, after 7 days will delete the messages on WhatsApp automatically.



If you want to set this setting, then you have to first open the chat whose messages you want to delete.



After opening the chat, the name of the chat appears in front of you, which you see above, you have to click on it.



Then the about action of this contact will open in front of you, another page will open in front of you, here you will get to see an option. “Disappearing Messages” This option will be disabled, you just have to enable it.



When you enable it then after that whatever chat will happen between you and whatever will happen during this chat, whatever will happen, then if you forget to delete the message, then after 7 days WhatsApp on will delete the messages itself.




So hope you have understood that how to delete the messages you have on your WhatsApp on your own.



Very simple very easy way, just for this work you should have what you want because this is the best option inside this WhatsApp and in this whatsapp only you will get to do this work ….



Hopefully when you use this application, you will like many more functions and features and options of this application which are really amazing, very amazing ….



I have told you the download link of this application, I will give you a download link at the bottom of this article, you can set this WhatsApp on your mobile by clicking on that link.



And hopefully you have understood how to set this setting and hopefully you must have also understood that how to set up this WhatsApp in your mobile, how to create an account on this ….



Very simple setting is very easy, there is just one option which will be disabled, you have to enable me, after that you will have day old messages with it, it will automatically delete WhatsApp from both sides…..



I hope that this article of mine will be very beneficial for you people and if people who did not know this setting then they would also have come to know about this setting. So download this WhatsApp and take advantage of its functions and features.