How to Change Message Font on WhatsApp – Latest New App

How to Change Message Font on WhatsApp – Latest New App


Hey guys In today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you change the message typing style in whatsapp ..


So friends, you must be using WhatsApp’s application, then you know that there is a normal typing style, there are normal fonts.



If you want that what is your typing style, which is the writing, which is your text that you want to change, then how can you do that on WhatsApp …


He will have this, will your WhatsApp look much better and you will get a much better look of your WhatsApp and you will also have a lot of fun in messaging ….



If you want that the fonts of your WhatsApp should be changed, your typing style should be changed, you can get very good different styles on fonts….



Today I will tell you only about this, so what do you have to do if you want to change your font style on your WhatsApp, then how can you do that?



For this work, you have to download an application, now you must be thinking that where will you get that application, then let me tell you that too.



At the bottom of this article you will find a download link, by clicking there you can easily install this application on your mobile.



After installing the application when you open it for the first time …. It will ask you for some permission, you have to give all its permissions, first you have to do next ….



After that you have done your d.o.b. That is, to set the month, date and year…



Then you have to click on gas started, after doing so much work, you have to click on Enable font keyboard. Now the keyboard that is here will be disabled, you have to enable it in your mobile ….


Now in the future, you will have the option to switch to Font, so you have to click on it.


Then you have to go ahead and set it on your Font, that is, you have to set this application completely in your mobile. Going forward you will see an OK OK button, you have to click on it on the top right side.



After doing this much work, this application will be set in your mobile, then what you have to do is to open your WhatsApp, when you open your WhatsApp, open any chat, then your keyboard will appear in front of you ….



Right now on the top, you will see fonts of very different styles, now you have to select any fonts from here and type your message.



Now whatever writing style or typing style you will set, the same message you send, then the receiver will also get the same fonts that you would have sent.



In this way, here you will get a very different style of bold , You will find fonts in all kinds of fancy styles.



In this way, because of this application, you can very easily change the font style of your WhatsApp.



By which it will be a very good look of your WhatsApp and you will feel much better in messaging yourself.



And the best thing is, in whichever writing style or whatever text style you select, then the receiver will also get the same time that you would have sent.



Hope you have understood that it was very simple, very easy way, so if you also want to change font style on your WhatsApp in this way, then quickly download this application and change font style.



So the download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of this article, you can set up and download this application in your mobile very easily by clicking there.