How to Check Who Visited my WhatsApp Profile

How to Check Who Visited my WhatsApp profile

Hey Guys In today’s article I am going to tell you which is a very useful setting and it is a very asked setting, many people ask about this, tell us about this setting.

What is that Trick????

So guys the trick or setting is what i am going to tell you that we want to know on WhatsApp which person has seen our profile by clicking on our profile see our profile our dp on WhatsApp …

If you have such a setting that you will not find anywhere, then I am telling you that by reading this article today, you can quickly set the setting on your WhatsApp and see who has seen your profile by opening it.

If you do not know this setting, then you have to read the article till the end, very soon I will tell you …

After setting this setting, now you will be able to know very quickly and very comfortably which person has clicked and seen your profile picture, if you do not find this setting anywhere, then I will tell you today in this setting.

So first of all what is very important, let me tell you that this chatting works on WhatsApp which is a past test program, if you have a son version, then this setting will work on your WhatsApp.

So this is a very important point, what I had to tell you, I have told you, so if your WhatsApp is not a beta tester program, then quickly join the beta version and set this setting, so let’s go to the setting now

The name of the application you need for this work is WhatsBox.

I will give you the link of this application at the bottom of this article, by clicking on that link you can download this application very comfortably.

And if you also have a vision, then this application will tell you exactly which person has seen your profile by clicking on it.

After downloading, when you open this application, some of its permissions will come in front of you, you have to give all its permissions, you have to allow all the permissions of this particular App….

When you will give all its permissions, then a display will come in front of you, first of all you will get the option of a power features on top, you have to click on it.

After tapping on Power features option… The next page will be in front of you….

Here you will get many options in front of you, what you have to do, you will get to see the option at the bottom of all these options, that is “Who Viewed my profile”.

After that “Who Viewed my Profile” also written (Beta) It is already telling you that if your WhatsApp is of the beta version, if you are a member of the beta tester program, then this application will work properly, Then this App is 100% is working app for you….

So if you are the member of Beta tester program on WhatsApp … So this option is for you…. And if you do not have a member, then watch any video from anywhere, watch the video on YouTube, you can quickly become a member by watching the video there.

After that this option will work very hundred percent for you.

So you have to click on this option, Who Viewed my Profile, when you click on it, you have to click on OK I Agree and then you have to allow.

After doing this much work, you will get those contacts who have seen your profile by clicking, so in this way you can very easily know who has seen your DP on WhatsApp by clicking

So it was very simple, very easy way, so if you were also looking for such an application, then hopefully you will be getting the application.