How to contact hide in WhatsApp

How to contact hide in WhatsApp


So today I will tell you that in which way you can hide the contact on your WhatsApp because a lot of people ask that when someone takes mobile from us, he sees the contact on our WhatsApp, then tell us the way that we can hide the contact on our WhatsApp.


But today I will tell you such a method, it will be very easy to work on which will be so easy that when you work for the first time, you will understand immediately.


There are some settings that if you try to understand for the first time, then you do not understand, then I will not tell you any such setting which you do not understand, I will tell you the same thing that you understand foreign


Adding contact on WhatsApp is not such a difficult task, now many people can do this work, today many people are doing this work and many people have understood it in today’s time.


Many people have understood this in such a way that they have come to know that how they have to do their work and they do their work in the same way and follow their work, after which many others have come to know about their work.


Contact is important because when someone takes mobile from you, they see your on contact which you don’t want to show so you ask tell us how to hide contact on our whatsapp.


The way I will tell you today, it was very disturbing, you just have to set up a small application in your mobile, after which you will do this work very easily, you do not need to ask anything from anyone, you can do your work yourself.


Now things will come in your day, where will you get the application, where will you get it, below I will give you your link, you have to click on it and set it in your mobile and understand it in a good way.


And it is not difficult to understand this, when you adopt it, you follow the options that will come in front of you, then you will understand how you have to work on it.


I know all those people who did not understand anything, but when they set it on their mobile and opened it, they themselves understood what they had to do, so I know that you should also understand


There is just one important point which you have to understand that you should never leave the setting in it which you do not need, you only have to do that work which you have to set in your mobile or which you need.


Because whatever people come to me, whatever friends ask me that we are not doing this work, then I see that they disturb those things which they do not need.


By doing this, your mobile becomes more slow, your work is not done properly, then you are worried that what we want to work is not happening.


When I did this earlier and my contact was high on WhatsApp, then I understood that it is very easy but when you work on it you will understand immediately, so today I am sharing my experience with you.


When I set it in my mobile, then whoever takes mobile from me, then he does not see the contact on my WhatsApp. In the same way, when you set it on your mobile, then your friends will not even see the contacts present in your mobile, which you will hide.


Just remember that the way you will silence the contact, you have to bring it back in the same way because there are many people who understand the way to hide but do not understand the way to bring it back.


This point was very important for you to understand, hope you have come to know that the way you will silence the contact on your WhatsApp, in the same way you have to unhide it so that it appears again


And if you still do not understand anything, then you have to contact me and tell me by commenting so that I know where you are facing the issue so that I can help you in that


What you have to do, first of all, if you open this sin, then the main option will be in front of you, so that you have to heighten it, you have to understand it well, you will get to see more options in it.


There is every kind of option inside it, if you want to height now then you can height and if you want to lock then you can lock.


Inside this, every setting is available, every option that you can run according to you, you can work on it and hide your contact on that option according to you, after which no one will see the upper contact.


You will always find many such apps on the net but you know that you are not working well, the biggest advantage of what I will give you here is that you will understand immediately and the second advantage is that every mobile


Which mobile do you have, new mobile is old mobile, you have to set it in your mobile, then you can come back, man is a mobile support app, its biggest advantage is


And if for any reason you have this setting does not support, then you must tell me so that I know what is the reason why you have to tell me in a good way so that I know which setting you worked on


Because all those friends who follow my path tell me what they did, after which I help them, then they understand well and it becomes easy for them because they rightly tell that the real If you have understood these points then you can very easily hide your contact and after which no one will know anything.