How To Convert Image To PDF Best App In Mobile

How To Convert Image To PDF Best App In Mobile

Hey Guys English Article I am Going To Share With You How Can You Convert any Image To PDF Without App In Mobile ….

How to Change Image to PDF … JPG to PDF

Sometimes it happens that we take a picture and then we need it in the form of PDF. So friend in today’s article we know how we can convert any image to pdf…

So friends, what you have to do to do this work is to go to the photos folder of your mobile.

When you go to the photos of your mobile, all the images of your mobile are in front of you.

Now whatever picture you want to convert to PDF from here, then you have to open that photo.

What you have to do When you open this picture, you will see three dots above, you have to click on those 3 dots.

After clicking on the three dots, some options appear in front of you.

So at the end of all these options you will get an option of print, you have to click on this print option.

When you click on print, another interface will come in front of you, the rest of the save as PDF will be written above, then you click on it, then your image will be saved as PDF ….

We can also see where it will go after be saved…

The download option in your phone… what you download on your device …

In this way, you have to save your PDF as if you have saved then you have to come to the back screen of your mobile, you have to come to the mobile screen.

After coming on the mobile screen, you have to open the file manager of your mobile.

After the file manager has come, you have to go to your mobile device storage and you will get the option of download here, you have to click on your download option.

When you click on the download option, all the files you have here will come in, here you will get a PDF in the name of Google, you have to click on it.

In this way, when you click on Google, you will see that the image you have has become PDF very easily and has been saved there.

Hope you have understood how can you convert any of your photos to PDF ….

So friends, in this way, you can easily make any of your images as DS, because somewhere we need PDS, then you have to make any file as PDF in this way.

So hopefully you must have found this article very useful, you must have found it very amazing and you must have come to know that if you want to do such a thing, if you want to make PDF of any of your photo or image…. then you must have come to know that too ….

So those who were looking for such a setting that they know such a setting that they can somehow convert their photos to PDF, then hopefully they must have understood.

So for this work you do not need any kind of application, there is an option in your mobile itself, with the help of which you can do this work very easily.

So this is a very useful thing which I think you guys need to know because if you do not need it now then you may need it in future then you read this article and understand this setting quickly and ….