How To Create Your Own Personal Sticker

How To Create Your Own Personal Sticker

Hey Guys…In today’s article i am going to tell you how you can make your personal sticker on WhatsApp ….

You can also now send stickers on WhatsApp …There are many third party apk also available on WhatsApp … Like Hero, super hero, Even politicians stickers are available here….

But today I am goint to tell you How you can get your personal photo stickers As you have to send your expressions with different photos so how can you do that…???

Because it’s going to sound awesome in your friend’s circle…. And your stickers can be used by others ….

Let’s find out how can we do it…we start the matter of work …

Then let’s talk on facts, So friends Whatsapp sticker works in only png type files… If the background in which it is clean, then it looks more blooming.

So, you have to convert your picture into PNG files.

So friends, I have used two apps for this purpose , One app is MSQRD App…

This Particular app, with the help of you can give different expressions to your face….

You can use other Apps too for this purpose , but I have used this app so you will find it’s download link at the bottom of this article….

So this is not imitation, you do not need to keep this expressions, if you want, you can also keep your portrait photo, as such stickers…..

And the other app that I have used is “Background Eraser”….And with the help of this particular app, you will be able to remove the background of your image very easily….

In this particular App you will get Two options… One is “Automatic” and the second is “Magic eraser”…

So guys, With the help of automatic and magic eraser ,these two particular modules , you can easily erase your background …

With the help of Automatic, you can erase particular junk, and with the help of Magic you can trim the edges very easily…

So friends, In the beginning it will be very difficult to use this App, but when you get used to this little bit, then you will understand it very well, it will be very easy to operate it. after a couple of uses, you will know, how u remove background …You will know how to get the finish because finish is very important ….

Then when your background will be removed then you have to go to the next option, You have to smooth out the edges….

What will happen by smoothing out these edges, you wilk get a professional look in your image , You will get finishing in your photo….

After doing this much work, you have to save this image of yours.

You don’t need to pay money anywhere in this particular App. It is completely free App…There is no water mark anywhere that if you save your video, then it will put any type of water mark Or it will come watermark in your image.

If one image is saved in this App, then you will have to make minimum two such images images. Because WhatsApp which imports the sticker, there is a limitation that At least 3 photos 3 images have to be created in a WhatsApp folder….

So friends, I had also made three images here, which were saved in my phone….

Ok so friends, after removing the background, after that we will talk about the particular app in which we will use all these as WhatsApp stickers images.

To make these images your WhatsApp sticker, you have to download an application from play store named ” Personal Stickers for WhatsApp “….

As soon as you install this “Personal Stickers for WhatsApp” App, it will automatically stand in to your phone internal memory….

It will show you all the images in your phone internal memory which are related in Png files, It will show you there….

So friends, whichever sticker you want to add, there will be a button below it, you have to click on it.

And immediately , all your stickers will be in your WhatsApp…

That’s all, after that you have to open your WhatsApp and whoever you want to send your stickers, you can very easily send it to anyone on your WhatsApp by sending to your friends or family members.

By going to WhatsApp, all the stickers will be there by clicking on gif button.. and when you send it, The person in front can also save it in his phone and can forward it to anyone.

So it means ,Your personal WhatsApp stickers which you will make, then anyone else can also reuse it, can forward it.

So friends, if you were looking for this thing, then you must have understood its method and you must have understood that in which way you can make a personal stickers on your WhatsApp.

So Download these apps and enjoy with your personal stickers…

Sticker Maker App