How to Delete WhatsApp Extra Data Files from your Mobile Storage

How to Delete WhatsApp Extra Data Files from your Phone Storage

Hey guys! In today’s article I am Going to tell you that how can you delete extra junk files of your mobile….

Today’s article is very important for you people because if there are any such files in your mobile which you have not deleted and you do not even know how much space it has taken in your mobile.

So there are some such unnecessary files that has taken up space in your mobile, then after reading this article, you will be able to delete those unnecessary files from your mobile very easily.

By the way, what do we do, go to the file manager of our mobile and go to those folders of WhatsApp, we delete those folders which are useless, so today I will tell you in the article, did you not do this?

In today’s article I will tell you two applications with the help of which you can do this work.

I will give you the download link of these applications at the bottom of this article, you can download from there.

The name of the first application is “Cleaner for WhatsApp ”

If you open this application first, then many options come in front of you,Like videos, Images, Databases, Status, Voices, Audios, Stickers etc etc….

you have to go to Any folder of among these, after going to folder, here you get the some folder of the sent, received and duplicate , so if you want to delete any file from any folder…

You have to long press this file and then select all the files and delete them.

So you can delete any file in this way, if you want, you can also delete the file manually or you can delete the whole folder if you want.

The folder that you will get in this database, you will not be able to open it, but here you can clear the entire data by clicking on the button which will be there in Clear Selected Data.

Before clicking on it, keep in your mind that if you do not want to delete any such data which is very important for you, then first you have to check it and copy it to the site somewhere else, after that you have to delete this data. . .

What you have to do is to delete it carefully, otherwise with the help of this option, with the help of the clear selected data, your entire data can also be deleted.

After clicking on it, you will get a notification which you have to understand and after understanding you have to do OK.

So if this application does not talk on your mobile then other applications should also use….

The second Application name is “WA Clean App”


Where there will be an option on the third number, you get to see “whats utility “you have to click here…

Here also you will get to see many options Images, Photos , videos، status ,Voices…You have to come here and delete that data which you think is useless in your mobile. …

In this way you can clear the unnecessary data of your mobile.

So it is very simple, very easy way, if the first application does not work, then with the second application, you can delete the unnecessary data of your mobile, WhatsApp data, the data of any application.

If still you feel that there are some unnecessary junk files lying in your mobile which are of no use which are only taking space in your mobile and decreasing your storage.

So instead of that you go to the file manager of your mobile and delete those folders, you download this application and with the help of these applications, delete more unnecessary files.

Hope you have understood what I am trying to explain to you and this article is very useful for you. .

Download link  1

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