How to Hide And Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture and Name

How to Hide And Change Your Friend’s WhatsApp Profile Picture and Name


Hey Guys In this Article I am going to tell you that how can you change the profile picture and name of your friends on WhatsApp ….

A lot of people ask that tell us how to change or hide our profile picture and name on WhatsApp.

Like when someone comes and sits near us and we talk to someone on WhatsApp, we want that the fellow sitting together should not know who we are talking to, nor what is in his profile picture, nor does he know.

Today I will tell you such a trick, with the help of which you can change anyone’s profile picture or name from your side.

If you want to go to Delhi then you have to read this article till the end, you will know.

See, the only work of this application is that with the help of this application, you can change the profile picture and name of that fellow, only from your side…..

next fellow will have the same profile picture which is set by him….

You have to download an application for the location, with the help of the same application, you have to do this work and the name of that application is “Hide Chat”.

If you want, please download this application in friendship or the policy of the article I will give you one, you can also download the order application by clicking on that link …

After downloading, when you will open this application, then an interface will come in front of you, the continue will be written below, you have to click on it.

Then another display will come in front of you where it will be written Start …

And below this, you will get to see some options, here there will be Customize option, you have to click on it.

After clicking on this, another page will be in front of you where it will be written Enter you fake name, now here you have to give any name, whatever name you want to give to the contact whose name you want to change…

When you will change the name then you have to scroll below and here you will get an option “Change the Icon” now you have to click on the button change key icon ….Now after coming here, you have to select a picture, which picture you want to make the profile picture of this contact on his profile.

It will be written here “Add Image” you have to click on the Add image option…
Now here again you will get the other options camera and gallery, Either you can capture the picture from the camera, or you can also select the picture from the gallery and make his profile picture.

After this, It will ask you for permission, you have to do OK and press the Allow button, after doing this much work, the gallery of your mobile will come in front of you, you have pick any picture and have to make a profile picture of it.

When you have selected the picture, then a save button will appear in front of you, you have to click on the save button.

Profile picture has also been set and name has also changed, now the last thing that is left is online status, whatever online status you are typing , online or empty, whatever you want to give, you can give it by selecting on it.

After doing this much work, you will have a save button above, you have to save it by clicking on the save button, to save these all setting….

After doing all this work, you have to go to Back, after coming back, there is a start button here, you have to click on the start button.

After clicking on the start button, the permission will come in front of you, you have to click on this application and enable this button of this application which will be disabled.

When you will give all the permissions, then after all this start button will start working and this application will start doing its work.

Now an icon will come to you, as soon as someone comes and is sitting beside you, you have to click on this icon, then the setting that you have set will be ready and will be sitting with you in front of it. That is, whatever you have set up the profile, whatever name you have given, whatever you have given online status, it will be shown to the person sitting with you.

So hope you have understood that it was very simple, very easy way, you just have to download this application and if you want that the person sitting with you does not know who you are talking to, then immediately …

I have told you the download link of the application, it will be given to you below this link, from there you can download.