How To Hide WhatsApp Contacts – New App

How To Hide WhatsApp Contacts – New App



Hey Guys in todays article I am going to tell you that how can you hide your chats or contact on your Whatsapp….



So what happens friends, we have some contacts which are personal, we want that no one can see our WhatsApp, even if someone picks up our mobile and goes to our WhatsApp, then they should not reach that contact.




Because those contacts can also be our personal or it is a chat which is personal in which some personal things are some secret, we do not want to tell people



Or if it is said in a simple language, then it is also something of our girlfriend boyfriend, if it is a chat of our friend, then important things happen.



We want that those are the things that secret people cannot see and reach them, so to set this setting, what do you have to do to hide the contact in your chat, which article are you going to go to know. .



So what you have to do is just read this article till the end, you will understand that setting is very simple, very easy, just you have to do a chat, after that you will be able to hide your contact very easily.



so friends, for this work you will need an application, now application I am telling you, it is a kind of WhatsApp, you have to download it.



Now you must be wondering from where you will get that WhatsApp, then let me tell you, at the bottom of this article you will find a download link, you can download WhatsApp on it by clicking on the link.




After downloading, you have to create an account on it, you have to create the account in the same way as you create on your official WhatsApp.



Friends, when you create an account, then your WhatsApp will open, your home screen, which is WhatsApp, will be in front of you.



Now yes let me tell you how you can hide chat or any contact …


Select any chat as you are on your chat screen, you have to long press on chat which you want to hide ….



When you long press and hold that contact, then you will see three dots on the right side, you have to click on it, then many options will come in front of you, the option at the bottom will be Hide Chat, you have to click on it.



When you click on “Hide Chat”.…



So the option will go in front of you with the pin fingerprint and the pattern, whatever password you want to give, you just have to remember it.



Then after that your chat will disappear from your home screen, now you will think where did this chat go, so let me tell you that too



When you are on the home screen of your WhatsApp, on the left side you will see WhatsApp written above, you have to click on it



Right now it will ask you for the password, you have to give the same password that you had set. Your chats that you hid will be in front of you after you give the password …



Then whatever messages you get from this chat from here, they will come here, so you have to come here and see their messages and from this you can also reply.



So in this way, with the help of this WhatsApp, you can very easily hide any of your contacts or your personal chat.


So hopefully you must have understood that it was very simple, very easy way, you just have to download this application, now I have told you from where to download, I will give you the link below which article, click on that link.



When you use this application, you will love its more function features and options.


If you were also looking for such an application, then quickly download the application and take advantage of this application.