How To Make Message Unread In WhatsApp | Latest New App

How To Make Message Unread In WhatsApp | Latest New App


Hey Guys In this article I am going to tell that how can you make your message unread on whatsapp …..



So friends it happens that we all use WhatsApp and we want that if we send a message to us, even if we see its message, then the next one should not know that we have seen his message.




That is, he will get his message as an unread message So very simple setting is very easy, what you have to do is to read this article till the answer, I will tell you quickly.



So friends this trick works not just only on WhatsApp but you can use this trick on other platforms like Instagram , Facebook Messenger, Imo, WhatsApp , Viber everywhere.


The Name of App is ” Notisave”


You have to download this application and I will also tell you from where to download …


You will be given its download link at the bottom of the article, you can download this application from there.



After downloading, when you open it for the first time, the permissions will go in front of you, which you have to give, you have to go next, after that you have to allow it….


After this this application will be disabled in your mobile, you have to enable it and then enable it again.


After that the loading app will be done, all the applications of your phone will come there in this application.



Now some applications will be disabled here, some will be enabled, no matter what platform you want to enable, when you want to get their notifications here and if you see from here, then you should keep them enabled …And you leave the rest of the application disabled …


It may also happen that above you will find a button of all apps, next to it is the button of disable and enable, then if you disable that whole then all these applications will be disabled …


And when you enable it, all these applications will be enabled …


So now you want to see the notification of the application of your choice here, then you will enable those applications right here.



Then after that whatever message will come to you, whose platform which you have enabled will come in this application, then you have to see that message from here and also reply from here.



Now you must be thinking that where will you get the messages, where you have to receive those messages and from where you have to reply to them, then let me explain that too.



When you tell, here you will get an Android option, you have to click on it … Whenever you will get notification or any message will come here, then you will get that message on the unread option, then you will see those messages from here and you will reply from here, then your friend will not know whether you have done it …



That is, your message that he will have will be unread, he will feel that you have not seen his message.



In this way, with the help of this application, you can make your message unread, that is, even if you see your friend’s message, your friend will feel that you have not seen his message, he will continue to show the unread message even if these messages will be belonged to any platform..



In this way, with the help of this application, you can do this work very easily, you can tell your friends whether you have not seen the message of people.



Tommy, you must have understood the download link of this application, you will get this article that you can download from there and set up this application.

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