How to Make Transparent Home Screen Of WhatsApp

How to Make Transparent Home Screen Of WhatsApp

Hey guys ! In today’s article I am going to tell you how you can make Transparent home screen of your WhatsApp …..

See, when you open WhatsApp Home screen or open a Chat of your WhatsApp, then you see the transparent screen of your WhatsApp i.e. you see the picture across …..

For example, if you open the camera of your mobile, then you see the back in front of you, that means you are getting the picture across, then in this way your home screen of whatsApp will be transparent like your camera…. Your camera will be visible to you and you can see that transparent home screen on you WhatsApp ….

So how to do this setting, then you have to read this article till the end to go ahead.
So all this will happen with the help of one application, so this application has a big advantage, when you use it, you will like yourself.

How to set the setting in this application, what work you have to do, after completing the article, you will understand

For this work you will need an application like you have to download that application and the name of that application is “Whats Tool”….

Now you must be thinking that how will you download this application. Below this article you will be given a download link, you can download this application very easily by clicking on the download link.

You have to download the application, after downloading you will open this application and you will give all its permissions.

After igniting the permission, a display will appear in front of you .,

Then here below you will see the button of Get Started, you have to click on it and again you have to give permission to it, you have to click Allow button, you have to do it OK.


The first time you will open this application, then only then you will get so many permissions like this, which you have to allow.

From here you have to enable the application, you have to give permission, after giving permission, you have to come back.

Now here there will be many tools in front of you, but the second tool is of WhatsApp with the name of “Work and Chat”, you have to click on it.

After clicking on Work and Chat You have to give permission again… which will be off, you have to enable it.

After doing this much work, you have to come back again, then here you will see the option of green color, open WhatsApp, you have to click on it….

As soon as you click on Open WhatsApp from here, you will get WhatsApp open, then you will see that your homescreen will be transparent, your camera will work here and you will see the same thing that is in your camera.


In this way, with the help of this application, you can transparent the home screen of your WhatsApp.

Apart from this, if you open any chat, then you will see that your chat will also become transparent.

Hope you understand it is very simple very easy way …

So guys! now let me also tell you if you want to disable this option, then how to do that too, for that you have to come to the screen of your mobile, after that you have to open the application again.

When you open this application, again that option will appear in front of you, open WhatsApp with green color, but on the top right side you have the button of Enable and Disable, you have to disable it.

When you disable it and now again click on open WhatsApp then you will see your WhatsApp home screen it will be normal again it will be set by default …

And when you open your chat also, the background of your chat will also be disabled, set by default will become normal.

So Hope! you have understood in which way you have to download so many applications and set this setting in this application.

So I hope, you liked this topic, then you must try this application and check this setting, and download this application, I have already told you that you will be given the link of this application..,

By clicking on the link below this article. enjoy In this way, with the help of this application, you can set this setting, so download and try this App this application…