How to Make Your Song On Your Name in Your Android Phone

How to Make Your Song On Your Name in Your Android Phone

Hey Guys In Today’s article I am going to tell you that how to make song on your name….

This is a very interesting topic, I think you guys must know about it, it is a very interesting topic, so today I will tell you that how you can make your own song on your name.

Here is the application , I will tell you an application, you can make any song on your name with the help of that application in your android phone …

If you want, you can make a song on your name or you can make a track in the name of your channel or you can make it on the name of any of your page or you can make a song for any purpose.

If you write any line, it will make you the song of that line….

So in today’s article you will learn a lot, I will give you very useful article, you will know a lot, then read the article till this end.

The name of the application with the help of which we will do this work. The name of this App Is “Ditty”…

Where To download

So friends, after downloading, you have to open this application, here I give some tips to you guys, which you have to apply, you have to allow its some permission instagram if you do not do this work properly then,

Application will not work properly ….

So friends, now the question arises that from where you will get the application, So at the bottom of this article you will get a link below, by clicking on the download link, you have to download this particular application….
Actually here you have to give some effects for the good voice …

After opening the application, you neither have to login to it nor you have to sign up, above you will get SKIP button, you have to click on that button.

Then after this there is one main thing which is now that I have started telling you the texr which you have to write here, you have to write that text.

So you have to write this text, if you want to wish someone like birthday, it is the subject of anniversary, then you have to write a whole line and if you do not want to do it, then write the name of your channel.
Or your page even you can write your name….

When you write, then you will have a written above Good day, an arrow is made on its side, arrow down is made, you have to click on it.

Then here you will come to the second page, then here you will get to see many effects which will also be paid and will also be free, you should leave the paid, you have to choose any one among of which is free to pay.

When you have selected the effect, then what you have to do is to click on the next button, your song will start making…

Then your song will come in front of you. so that you can listen if you like the song in this effect so you can enjoy and if you don’t like then you can also change it by going back again …..

So friends, after doing so much work, you have to go ahead and you have to get a download button, now you have to download and click on this button…

Next so that you will get two options, one for save private and one for post, what you have to do is to click on the button of save private.

Then again the option of sign up and login will come, you have not to do anything from Indore, you have to do a later.

You will get some options from Instagram Messenger and there will be a more option, you have to click on this more option.

After this the song that you have will start downloading, it will be converted into MP4 file, you will find it in your music player on your mobile.

Now this song is yours, and you can share this song anywhere on your channel as an “Channel’s Intro” for your Page can share this song Instagram ,on messenger on WhatsApp ….

So friends, have you understood that how you can make any of your songs above your name, with the help of an application, I have told you that the download link of that application is at the bottom of this article.

You can easily download the application by clicking on the link ….

Hope you have found this article very good and useful and you were looking for some such application , which can be useful for you then you would have got you this application then enjoy, and download this application ….

Take care of you

Make Song of your Name App