How to Online Monitor Last Seen Status Notify

How to Online Monitor Last Seen Status Notify

Hey Guys In this amazing article I want to share with you an amazing tip …..

because WhatsApp is often like this do you want that you have such a friend or someone is your girlfriend or your boyfriend and you want to keep an eye on him and you want when he comes offline on WhatsApp when is online…????

How long was he online on WhatsApp and when did he go offline and till what time in the night he is using his WhatsApp ….

So we live in this kind of situation of some people like this, we all live in the worry with our boyfriends about or girlfriends or it may be that we have some younger sister brothers and we want to keep an eye on her, she has a mobile.
So we also want to keep an eye on them, what they are doing with mobile, when they come online on WhatsApp, whom are they talking to?

All these things keep on with us and we all keep thinking about it, so today in this article I have brought a solution to this problem for you.

So what you just have to do, for this work you will need an application which will give you in the application and I will give you the link of this application which is at the bottom of this article, you can download all the application by clicking on the link ….

So with the help of this application, you will get the details very easily, is your friend, is your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, brother, whoever they are, when they are online and when they are offline, in that case you will be notified.

What you have to do, what I am telling you in the application, I will give you the download of this application at the bottom of this article, you have to download this application by clicking on the link.

When you download this application, then this App’s permission will come in front of you, then you have to give permission to this App.

When you will now give its permission and you will set this application step by step in your mobile, then you will automatically understand how you have to take permission for the application and set this particular App.

Then you have to add the number that you want to keep an eye on, the number you want to know about when it comes online and when it comes offline, then you have to set that number in this application.

In this way, this application was a free trial for you, if you use the free trial of this application very well, then this application can give you a lot of benefit.

So guys! After you have done all this work, you need to add the number of the friend whose online and offline notifications you want to see, or the application that tells you the steps to follow…..!

After which you will be able to easily see the time when your friend will come online? and you will also be able to easily see the time when your friend will be offline.

We hope that you will use the free trials of this application properly and will be able to understand this application very easily which will make it very easy for you to run it.

Very simple, very easy way, when you download this application, you will understand yourself, how to use the application from you and how you have to keep an eye on someone with the help of this application.

A lot of people are using this application and are benefiting a lot from this application and knowing that when their friend came online, when offline came, you will know with the help of just one notification.

So hopefully you have also understood and if you were looking for such an application, then hopefully you must have found the application too.

So friends, I hope that this article of mine will be very beneficial for you and your friends must have learned something from this useful article…

So see you in the next article with the new topic till then take care of yourself Allah Hafiz ….

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