How to Record Audio And Video Call Best App

How to Record Audio And Video Call Best App

Hey Guys in this article I am going to tell you that how can you record your audio and video calls on WhatsApp….

I think many people don’t know how to record your audio and video call… and many people cannot understand how to set this setting..

for recording your audio calls you download many type of applications from play store…

and sometime these application don’t work….In this way, it was a main issue for many people that the call of WhatsApp is not recorded and even if there is a record, then we had to download third party application for that.

How can you record the audio and video calls of WhatsApp, many videos are also made on all these things, many articles have also been written but not all people gave you the perfect solution.

But today in this article I will tell you such a way that you will get such an option in your WhatsApp itself, with the help of which you will be able to record your audio and video calls.

By the way, I will tell you 4 ways in which 3 ways will be without application, and in one way I will tell about your application, then with the help of that application, you can easily record your call on WhatsApp.

The First way to record your call

The App Name Is “Call Recorder cube ACR”

So friends, you have to download an application on the play store by this name, on the application, you have to give all the permissions to Allah, after that you will be able to record your call very easily.

So friends, a second way is this, you can record your WhatsApp call by turning on your screen recorder, this is also the main method and very simple way, so you can also record your voice call like this …

The third way is that by going to the settings of your mobile, you will get an option by the name of Social Turbo, by going there you can enable a call recording and you can record the calls of your WhatsApp very easily.

But this is the third method I have told you, the option is not there in all devices, so if people whose devices do not have this option, then I will tell you 4th way which is very much working I have also recorded my calls through this last way…

So friends, the fourth way that WhatsApp has announced that soon WhatsApp will launch such an option in WhatsApp, with the help of which you will be able to record audio video call on WhatsApp very easily.

Whoever has beta version on WhatsApp, they are already using this option, they have got the option now.

So yes friends, WhatsApp itself has provided us that we can record our calls very easily on WhatsApp.

I am telling you this method and you guys just have a little patience and keep updating your WhatsApp time to time, very soon you will also get this option.

And if there are users yet, then hopefully you have got this option and you will be taking advantage of it.

Because many videos have been made on this topic and I think that those articles could not be useful for you, so today I have told you the way in this article, so you have come to know very easily how.

So until this option does not come, you should use the application which I have told you on the first number.

Hope you understand it was very simple very easy way ….

Hope you understood that people who were very upset and wanted them to know as soon as possible that how we record our calls on WhatsApp, then they would have got the solution of their issue from my article….