How To Save Video In Phone Gallery – New HD Video Saver App

How To Save Video In Phone Gallery – New HD Video Saver App


Hey Guys In today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you save any type of video in your mobile gallery ,…..



So friends, it happens that all of us are watching a video somewhere, watching it on YouTube, watching it on Facebook, watching a video, then our heart feels that we want this video on our phone.




That is, you want to save that video in the gallery of your phone, but we do not know how we can save any video in the gallery of the phone, so in which article today I will tell you this very simple very easy way…



And the biggest thing is that the best way to save the video inside it and it is very easy to run this application, what have you to do if you also want to save any video in your mobile then how can to save it …




For this work you will need an application, for this work you have to download an application, the download link of that application will be given to you at the bottom of this article, from there you can easily install the application in your mobile.


The App Name is Vidmate.After downloading the application, you have to open this application, now here what you have to do, above you will have the option of this search, you have to click on it.



But before sharing any video, first of all, as you open YouTube, if you play any video on YouTube, then you like that video, then you have clicked on the share button to share that video. And take the copy link of this video ….



After that you have to come to this video, you have to click on it, after coming on it, you have to paste that copy link on the save button.



Now here you will see many quality in front of you MP3 MP4, you want to save MP3 of your video or want to download MP4, all these options will come in front of you.



Along with this, the quality of your video will also come, what quality of video do you want to download mp3 i.e. want to do 720, want to do 1080 or whatever quality is it, it is shown here.



So by selecting the quality in whatever quality you want to do, you will click on the download button below, then whatever your video or MP3 audio is, your download will start.



And after a while you got downloaded it will go to your mobile gallery so if you want this your video then you have to go to your mobile gallery then your photo will be found in your gallery here ….




And if you want to download the audio and it is downloaded, then by going to the file manager option in your mobile’s file manager, you will get this MP3 in your download option.



You will also benefit from this application that in this you can download not only MP4 but also MP3.



That is, if you like any video or any video is liked by your heart, you want that video to come in the gallery of your mobile, The download process of that application can very easily watch this video in your mobile.



Hope you have understood that it was very simple, very easy way, you have to download this application for this work, the download link of this app will be given at the bottom of this article. . .




Even then, when you use this application, you will also find it very easy to run and you will like many more functions and features inside this application.


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