How To Secure Your Picture On WhatsApp Chat

( How To secure Your Picture On WhatsApp Chat )


Hey Guys In This Article I’m Going To Tablet How Can You Secure Your Profile Picture On WhatsApp …



So friends, it happens that not all of us use WhatsApp and we also put different types of DP on our WhatsApp, everyone puts profile picture on their WhatsApp.



This girl has become a girl, everyone has a profile picture on their WhatsApp, it cannot be secure with us, so today I will tell you in this article how can you secure your profile picture …



Because it can also happen if we put on our profile picture and someone has saved our profile picture with them and used any website, most of them mean the same with girls.



A big problem arises for them and if things like that, if anyone’s photo is out, then there is bound to be some issue, especially with girls.



So today I will talk about security, it is a very useful article, you have to read the article completely, you will know.


This Setting is very simple, you will not need any application, it is a simple setting, you can set this setting on your official WhatsApp, after that your profile picture will be secure.



In this way friends, I would also advise you that you should take care of your privacy, why keep your photos etc. in this way like I will tell you the setting, then you have to set that setting, after that your profile picture should be secure.



So friends, this setting will be on your official WhatsApp only, I know that all of you will have official WhatsApp and do not use official WhatsApp, although this application is very secure.



And this application is being used all over the world, so why don’t we secure our privacy over this application.



To secure your profile picture, what you have to open WhatsApp …


After opening WhatsApp, You will see three dots on the corner on the right side of the screen, you have to click on it. Here you will get to see many options, you have to come to the last option setting.Ok friends, have to go to Settings first.



After going to the setting, you have to click on the account…. Right now here you will get to see an option privacy, you have to click on this privacy option.



After clicking on the privacy option, you will be on top of another page, here you will have an option profile picture, you have to click on the option with this profile picture.



After seeing the profile picture, three options will appear in front of you. Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody…



So friends, if this is everyone, then all the people whose number you have saved in your phone will be able to give your profile picture, and those whose number you have not saved in your phone, that is, the unknown will also be able to see your profile picture.



In this way, your privacy will be secure, anyone can save your profile picture with them and can also use it anywhere .



So here will be the second option of My Contact, if you put your profile picture on it, then only your contacts will be able to see your profile picture or not whose number you have saved in your phone.



Lastly there is the option of nobody when you select it …Your profile picture will not be visible to anyone.



So If you secure your privacy …. Set this amazing setting and stay safe.

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