How To Set 3D Wallpaper in your Android Phone

How To Set 3D Wallpaper in your Android Phone

So friends, have you also got bored by applying the same wallpaper on your mobile, I was bored exactly like this, so in today’s article I have brought Amazing New Cool 3D 4D 5D Wallpaper application for you guys, you must definitely try it.

So you get fed-up very much by using the wallpaper of your mobile which is the basic wallpaper, then because if your mobile wallpaper is liked then your mood gets changed …. When you see your wallpaper your mood is Completely changed frustrated to Good.

So here I will put some application in front of you people, with the help of which you can change your wallpaper of your choice, you can change it, so the first wallpaper application is “Forest LWP”….

The wallpaper in this application changes according to the current temperature like if it is day then it will set your wallpaper according to the day and if it is night then any of your wallpaper will be set according to the night …

And here you also get to see layers…But if you go to the setting, then here you will get the option of layer. Here you can also set your every option, which thing you want to shake according to the sensor of your mobile so that it gives a better amazing look to your mobile.

And id you want you can disable parallax effects, But I suggest you to keep enable this parallax option… Because of it you have to be good experience ….

Apart of this you can apply the themes …If you will not apply the theme , it will be better because it will give strange look of wallpaper , due to which this wallpaper will not look good because its wallpaper is still very beneficial, then you use it like this….

The download link of this application will be given at the bottom of this article, you download this application and enjoy …

Next Application is “Pixel 4D”

You will also get to see a lot of wallpapers in the application and apart from this, there are many themes also available in this App, some of which are paid, but most of them are free, so you can download them too.

And the themes are also not very expensive, it is 10 Rs, why spend money in this paying themes because the free themes given in it are also very cool and amazing, so use them.

So the wallpaper you use, then I am sure that your friend, if he sees this wallpaper, then he will definitely ask you which application is this from where you download the wallpaper, then give the download link of the application to become cool.

the Next Application is ” 3D Parallax” Wallpaper ….

Now this wallpaper application is very cool it shows layers of wallpaper here…. Four layers, five layers eight layers etc etc…

Any wallpaper above 3 layers works like all 3D or like 4D…

Because what they have shaked layers , it vibrates every time you shake your phone, it gets shake in different ways…So it is 3D application then you can also use this application as 3D wallpaper…

I like this application the most out of all the applications I have told you so far, then you will be given its download link at the bottom of this article, now you can download and use it too.

In this way, with the help of these applications, you can make your mobile wallpaper 3D 4D, in a very simple way, as I have told you, then you can use this application in that way.

I have told the father by writing the download of these applications, by clicking on the link given below this article, you can download these applications very easily.

So friends, download the publication now and message and make your mobile more beautiful.

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