How To set Auto Reply On WhatsApp – New Android App

How To set Auto Reply On WhatsApp – New Android App



Hey guys In this article I am Going to tell you how you can set auto reply on whatsapp …


That is, if you have a message from anyone on WhatsApp and if you are busy at that time, then you cannot reply to it, then auto reply will be sent that the time you have set automatically, 5 seconds , 10 seconds or even 2 seconds….



So after so much time your message will automatically be sent to the next person.



10 is very simple, very easy way, just you have to read this article till the end, then for this work you will need an application and that application is a WhatsApp only.



And there is no harm of this application, it does not exclude any data, it is a very secure application and you will definitely like it.



The download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of the article, you can download it from there.



After downloading, you have to create an account on it and make it on the account exactly like you create an account on your official WhatsApp …


Well now let’s talk about how you have to set auto reply on this, set the message that if you are busy then automatically send your message to the next person according to your time.



you can set anything if you want i’m busy now i’ll talk later …



So what you have to do is you will see three dots on the right side corner, you have to click on it.



After taking the three dots pack, many options will come in front of you, here there will be an option on the third number, you have to click on this auto reply option.



When you click on the auto reply option, another interface will come in front of you, first you will have three options, You have to leave this earlier option set by default, reply to all messages ….



Now below you will get the option of auto reply message, here you have to set the message that if anyone’s message comes to you ….


So which message do you want to send him on auto reply like you can also send I am busy now or thanks for messaging or I am busy talk you later ….



In this way, you have many options in front of you, which you want to set, now you can keep the message of your choice as an auto reply.



After setting this option, you have another option below, loose message, here you have to select the time that means after how many seconds your auto reply message goes to the next person ….



Here you have to select whatever number of seconds it is, you can do it even if you can do four, you can do five as much as you wish, as your auto reply, your message goes to the next person, after so long you can select so much time….



After this you get the option below, from here you have to set whatever time you like, if you want at night time that no one will get your auto reply message at night time.



So the rest of the time is the time of the day, if you want your auto reply message to go to the next person, then you can chat for that time.



In this way, the time of your complete and two reply messages will be set, then after that any person messages you and you are busy. According to the amount of time you have set for your auto reply, your message will automatically be sent to the next buddy….



In this way, with the help of this application, you can send auto reply message to anyone very easily.



You just have to download this application and you will get the downloading of this application at the bottom of this article.

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