How to set Beauty Camera for WhatsApp video call

How to set Beauty Camera for WhatsApp video call


Today I will tell you, in which way you can set the beauty camera, it is very important to know because in today’s time it is asked a lot and many people are still searching about it.


Beauty camera will be in your mobile if you do not have mobile with your mobile because the latest mobile has already present this option inside them.


And if the option has been strong in your mobile, then you do not have a beauty camera in your mobile, then you are where I will give a camera with the help of which you can very easily set the beauty camera for any video call and on it


In today’s time it has become so important that you get this option in the mobile of many people and people try that our mobile should have this option.


And those who do not have the option in their mobile, they try to set up such an application in their mobile so that they can do this work very easily and they get a beauty camera in their mobile.


Beauty camera makes your video calls better Beauty camera makes your face better and your friends like their videos so many people set it in their mobile and many people ask is this beauty camera app


My mobile also does not have this option, so today I will share the same app with you which I have set in my mobile, today I will give you the link which you have to click and set it in your mobile and then whenever you call someone


Remember, for this, there should not be any such app in your mobile which is doing this work because then it will not upwork.


To do any of your work, you must first understand it because when you do not understand the beauty camera and start your work, then you will not be in the right way and it will not do your upwork.


I have also seen many people who understand the work in a good way and understand the setting of the beauty camera very well and their work gets done well.


Because when you understand its setting, then you will get an option in it, with the help of which you can use this camera in video call as well.


The whole matter is how you have understood the option because if you understand the description of the answer, then it becomes easier for you to work because it gives you a good understanding of what its description is saying.


I also always work in such a way, when I do not understand, then I go to the settings of the beauty camera and read the description of its option, then my work becomes easy.


Which I had worked on for the first time and had set it in my mobile, then I was also not understanding anything, then when I worked on this group properly and understood it well, now I have to know about each and every one.


I am telling you the thing which is my experience, so you also have to work in the same way so that you do not have any issue and your work will be done in a good way and your beauty camera in your mobile is well supported.


If your mobile is very old and it is very slow, then this camera may not work in your mobile, first of all you have to see which is your mobile then you will find it easy to work today.


You have to find me out from the person whom you know who is quick in these things because astrology is a man, he can guide you in a good way and your work can be easy if you will talk to any such person who don’t know anything then you will never understand anything


No, when you started, I am going to tell you there were very good people, with the help of which I had understood every point in a good way and the description below the option, I understood very well from there as well.


If you do not find any such option anywhere which is needed, then the first thing you have to do is to see that you have updated this app because the most important thing is that what you are working on your mobile


Because there are some of our friends who are still there, when they start any work, then they do not update it, you have to keep updating it simultaneously so that you do not have any difficulty in doing your work.


Many people ask that how we have to update our beauty camera, but from wherever you will set your beauty beauty camera in mobile, you have to go there and press on the update option, after which this beauty camera present in your mobile.


Due to the update, some people ask that the memory of our mobile will not be lost, then let me tell them that I will take a beauty camera for the memory you have, the rest will not be an issue in your mobile.


The first thing you have to do is before updating, you have to see whether you need an update inside it because after updating some options change, if you do not need it, then of course do not update


This point was also very important because I have also experienced it, when we have to update, we update and our option is gone, which we need, so do not update all the time if you need to.


These were the things that no one will tell you, hope you have come to know, if you can tell such things to you, then you must return it so that you do not have issues in your work.


And if you want to ask me something, then you must tell me by commenting so that I will know what you have to ask.