How to set Unread Message on WhatsApp and All Apps | Latest New App

How to set Unread Message on WhatsApp and All Apps | Latest New App



Hey Guys In today’s article I am going to tell you that how can you set the setting Now if you do this on any application on WhatsApp, if any of your friends work, you get a message of any contact from any family member, you can read and see his message.



So the next guy will not know have you seen his message, you have read his message



Today’s article is very amazing, you have to read your article till the end because I will tell you my application which will benefit you a lot.



Application name is “Notisave”….



So you have to download this application and now you must be thinking that from where you will get this application, then at the bottom of this article I will give you the link, from the link you can find this article.


By clicking on the link, you can download this application in your mobile, so now I will tell you how to set up this application and how to work on this application.


When you open this application for the first time, then permissions will be given in front of you, which you have not done, the first time you have to next to it, you have to next it again and after that you have to allow….



Then after that you have to give permission to this application in your mobile, you will have this notice, it will be disabled, if you have to enable it, then this application will open in your mobile.


Just like this, you have to allow all its permission….. After doing this much work, this application will be set in your mobile. Then here the loading app list will come in front of you i.e. whatever application you have on your mobile will come in front of the you….


Now here some applications are enabled, some are disabled, now you have a button of another app on the top, which will be disabled, if you enable it, then all your applications will be in this force, that is, all the messages you will have.



If you enable all these buttons, that is, you will enable all the applications, it will happen that on whichever application your friend’s message comes. So you will find him in this application and if you see his messages from this application and reply from here, then your friend will not know that you have seen his messages….



Or if you want, you can enable all the applications or if you want, you can enable those applications you want to enable manually from this.



The application that you will set or enable in this application, after that whatever messages will come, will come in this application and you will have to see which of them from here.



He has spoken, will your friend not know whether you have seen his message, that is, he will understand that you have not seen his message …..



Now you must be thinking that where will you get the message in this application, then what will you do with the page of this application which you will tell.


Here above you will get an unread option, whatever message you get, it will be shown to you on the unread option that you have received a notification.



So friends hope you have understood that it was very simple, very easy way, then with the help of this application you can You can see the message of any of your friends from right here in this application, after which your friend will not even know that you have seen this message.



Of course, when you download this application, you will like the application very much, then the download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of this article.



Download and take advantage of this application.