How to Type message in English Language Without Typing

How to Type message in English Language Without Typing

Hey Friends In today’s article I am going to tell you about How can you type ypur message in english without typing…

So how is it possible that you will be able to type in English even if you have not typed, then there is an application that can work very easily with the help of the application.

Now you do not need to take tension that you do not know English, you do mistake in English in a lot of ways,

For this purpose just download the application, with the help of that application you will speak in Urdu and your message will automatically typed in English….

So What application is???,

The name of this application is” Easy Urdu “…

You have to download this application and the download link of this application will be given to you at the bottom of this article, by clicking on the link, you have to download this application very easily.

After downloading, you have to open this application, for the first time when you open this application, then its permission will come in front of you, you have to allow all its permissions.


Hope you have understood till now it was very simple very easy way …

It is also very easy to run this application, in which way I have started telling you now, understand carefully.


After allowing all the permissions of this App, The keyboard will come in front of you,

Which you have to enable that after enabling the board, you will have a button in front of you, below “P” that you will have an Easy Urdu button.

This button will be enabled, it will be of green color, you have to disable it, if you disable it, then it will not be in green color…

You will see a mic above the “P” button, you have to click on that mic. when you click on this mic and now whatever you say in Urdu will be written in English in automatic in keyboard …

Whatever you say in Urdu, this keyboard will convert it into English very easily and will convert it to English language.

Hope, do you even have understood

Although there are many applications of this type in the playstore, but they do not work properly and somewhere some issue comes in the grammar rules or something or the other,

This application is very best if you want to do some office work or you want to complete a project which is in English language.

Or you write some articles in English, you want to write something in English for your educational purpose or you want to read something or you want to create something, then you can do it very easily with the help of this application.


I myself am using this application for a long time, it helps me a lot in many fields and it is also very easy to run.


And its biggest thing is that its ability to listen is also very good, it keeps on typing as we speak and it is very easy to say this whole paragraph will come outside in short time…. That is the very good thing of this Particular App…

Apart from this, along with this English language, if we enable this Urdu button below the P, then whatever we speak in Urdu, it will automatically write in Urdu language .

The specialty which I have told you about the English language, if we enable the button below this P, then we will get the same specialty in speaking in Urdu language as well.


It is very simple and very easy to operate this application ….

And most of all, whatever we speak in English or in Urdu, it is very easy to pick up our words and understand our language. …

The power of listening and understanding of the application is very fast, that is, we do not even have to pay much for the alphabet and this application understands very quickly and shows us this by doing our words in our language very quickly.


So hopefully when you use this application, you will also like the application very much and it will be very easy to run.

It is expected that those who were looking for applications in this way would have found the application as well.

If you want to run the application for any purpose then download and use this application and experiment yourself …

Hope you will also like this application very much and this application will be as useful for you as it is for me …

There is just one button of Easy Urdu, if you speak Urdu then you have to enable this button and if you want anything in English then you will disable this button and use it.

hope you got everything cleared …

So Download and use….


Easy Urdu Keyboard App


Roman Urdu Keyboard App