How to WhatsApp Group Hide || Latest New App

How to WhatsApp Group Hide || Latest New App


Hey guys in this article I am going to tell you that how can you hide any type of group of WhatsApp ….



So friends, you guys must be using WhatsApp and you must be thinking that we can only hide contacts on WhatsApp, it is not so, but we can also hide groups with contacts on WhatsApp.



If you want to hide a group on your WhatsApp, there is such a group which is personal or such is your personal group of people whom you want it to not come in front of anyone or if someone picks up your mobile then that group ….



Or if you people are very close friends, their group is only some private things of you people that you do not want the outsider to read those chatting of yours.



In this Condition, you think, how do you hide that group, then today I will tell you the way that you have to read this article till the end.



Very simple very easy way, just what you have to do is to download an application for this work i.e. download another WhatsApp because we have this setting inside the same WhatsApp.



You will find the download link on this WhatsApp at the bottom of this article, you can download this WhatsApp by clicking on the link ….



After downloading, you have to create its account and create the account exactly like it is made on official WhatsApp.



Ok friends now let’s talk about how to hide the group, as you will go to the group section, here all your groups will be like you, in whichever group you want to hide, you should press long in that group.



After holding long press, you will see three dots on the site, you have to click on that….Here at the end you will get the option Hide Chat, you have to click on it ….



Now here you will have the option Pin, Pattern and Fingerprint i.e. you have to give the password, out of which you can give you the password which suits you.



Now your group will be disappeared from here, now where will your group go, now we see that too …


You must have shown WhatsApp written left side of the screen on the top… You have to click on it…



Now here you have to give the password which you must have set … When you give the password, another display will come in front of you, the group you have here will be hidden here, it will come here …


So now whatever message you get in the group, it will be shown to you here i.e. you can see this by looking at the password.



In this way, with the help of this application, you can hide any group of your WhatsApp or any contact in the same way.



Very simple, very easy way, you just have to do one thing, to set this setting, you have to download this WhatsApp in your mobile.



The download link of this WhatsApp will be given to you at the bottom of this article, you can download this WhatsApp in your mobile by clicking on the link.



Hope you have understood how to create your account … And hope that when you download this WhatsApp and use it, then you will like more options functions and features of this WhatsApp.



When you use this WhatsApp, you will know yourself how useful this WhatsApp is and you will love using it. Whereas you do not get to see so many functions and features in official WhatsApp.



So download and enjoy this WhatsApp.