kya aapka WhatsApp koi aur baanda apnee mobile mein to nahin chala raha ?

kya aapka WhatsApp koi aur baanda apnee mobile mein to nahin chala raha ?

Hey Guys, in this article i am going to tell you that how to know that somebody is using our WhatsApp, account or not….

Yes friends , There are more people among us who must be thinking that my WhatsApp has been hacked or that no one has been reading any of our chats.


So in today’s article we will know that whether our WhatsApp has been hacked or not, And if our WhatsApp is hacked then how do we avoid the situation and how to know that our WhatsApp is hacked you have to read this article till end.

So friends, you have such an option in your WhatsApp itself, with the help of which you can find out whether your WhatsApp account has been hacked or not.

So friends, first of all what you have to do is to open the application of your WhatsApp, when you open it, you will get to see three dots on the right side corner, you have to click on it, OK then friends, now let’s talk WhatsApp is hacked or not, friends, it is not so easy to hack WhatsApp, but because of this mistake of ours, Other people can hack Our WhatsApp Account….

ok so friend after clicking on three dots you have to go to WhatsApp web this is the first thing i am telling you the way to know if our WhatsApp is hacked or not …


After the arrival of the WhatsApp web, another display comes in front of you where a small mobile is visible to you, you can see and if the camera comes in front of you you, then it means that your WhatsApp is not hacked.

By the way, friend, you will know that with the help of WhatsApp web, we can scan our WhatsApp in any other device. We can use our account in another device ….

So friends, if the screen is not coming in front of you, suppose something different is coming like no one will log in your account, you have to logout your account immediately.

So friends, this is the first step to know whether our WhatsApp has been hacked or not, then now you know about the second step.

This is the second setting I am going to tell you in the second step, it is very important and with the help of this type we really know whether our WhatsApp has been hacked or not, so now to go to this step we have to go again on three dots..

Ok so guys, now you have to go to your settings after coming to the three dots, after coming to the settings, you have to go to the chats, after you are in the chat, you will get an option of chat backup here, you click on it ….

After coming here, friends will be written here to “backup to google drive ”

If you click here, you will get to see some options, here by default setting will already be done, “Daily” what you have to do, you have to do “Never”…

After doing this much work, you will see the Google account below, you have to click on it and check that your own email id is inserted here because it may also happen that whoever has your account hacked, he can enter his email account instead…you have to check this thing

Because what will happen with this is that whenever you take a backup, instead of coming to your email, the backup will go to his email …

So friends, this is also a way to check whether your WhatsApp account is hacked or not because the best thing is that you will see that your email has been entered, it is someone else’s.

Because if someone else’s email is entered, then whatever chat you have backed up will continue to go to his email.

Apart from this, let me tell you one very important thing that friends please whenever you install your WhatsApp, you should install it from your play store, anywhere third party app or any where you get to see more features from there. You download any other WhatsApp and whoever where you can get cheated …

What you have to do when you have to install your WhatsApp, then you install your WhatsApp from Play Store, this is a very common thing that I am telling you and which is advice you should understand.

Because friends, it also happens that the same kind of duplicates of WhatsApp. which has new features and options what do you do in the greed of the new feature, download WhatsApp from there and in this way you do not have privacy…

Friends, in this way you can check your WhatsApp account whether it is secure or not.

So hope you have understood, then you will also check now whether your WhatsApp is hacked or not.