Last Seen Freeze || New App

Last Seen Freeze || New App


Hey Guys In Today Is Article I’m Going To Tell You That How Can You freeze Your Last Seen On WhatsApp ….



See friends, many of you people use WhatsApp, but almost all people use WhatsApp and WhatsApp is used all over the world.



So everyone knows how to use WhatsApp, how to run it, what are its functions of features….



In this way, you use WhatsApp, you want your friends not to know about your last seen, your friends do not know about your time table, when you are online on WhatsApp, when it is offline.



Which tells our last scene that we were online at this time and till this time we have used WhatsApp and after that we went offline, so if you want to hide your privacy like this then you ….




Very simple is a very easy way, I will tell you quickly, you just have to read this article till the end because this article will be very beneficial for you and you will get to learn a lot from this article.



So friends, if you want to freeze your last scene, then what you have to do is to download an application, with the help of which you will be able to work very easily now and in that application you will get a separate option of “Freeze Last Seen”…



So friends, I will give you a link at the bottom of this article, by clicking on the link, you can download this application in your mobile.



After downloading, you have to install it, after that you have to create an account on it and create the account exactly like you create an account on WhatsApp in your office.



That is, you have to give the number, then the verification code will come from you and then you have to apply that code, after that your WhatsApp will be verified and after that your WhatsApp account will be created.




When you have created your account on WhatsApp, you will be on the home screen of WhatsApp and here you have to do mobile settings, how do you freeze your last seen ….




So you will see three dots on the right side of the corner of the screen,here you will see, you have to click on it




After writing the free dot one, many options will come in front of you, the first option will be the setting, you have to go there.



After coming to the first option settings, you will have the option of Privacy and Security, you have to come on it.



Now here another key will come in front of you, another will be sent, another fast will open, here you will get to see an option “Freeze Last Seen”



This option will be disabled by set by default, you have to enable it and then this option will start working.



What will happen with this, if you enable it in this moment, what will happen with this, will your last scene be shown to your friends.



For example, if you keep this option enabled even for 1 month, then your friends will continue to start the last scene of 1 month ago.



Your friends will feel that you have not come online for 1 month and they will not know when you will come online, come offline, just that last seen will be frozen…



No matter how much you have come online in this 1 month, you have come online even in 5 minutes each, even then this last seen will be the same and will be visible at the time you enabled this option …..



So hopefully you have understood how to freeze your last seen on WhatsApp.



You quickly download this application, I will give you the download link of this application at the bottom of this article, from there you can download this application.