Latest New Cool Styles For WhatsApp – App Download

Latest New Cool Styles For WhatsApp – App Download

Hey guys In today’s article I am going to tell you that Like many people use WhatsApp and they want their WhatsApp to be completely changed to be a new look because seeing the same type of display, you too get setup.

In the same way, I thought why not write an article on this and you guys know about this setting with the help of my article and you can change the display of your WhatsApp.

By the way, what you have to do is to download a WhatsApp because we cannot change our display on the official WhatsApp.

Now I will also tell you from where you have to download …

See, at the bottom of this article you will get a download link, click on that download link and very easily download this WhatsApp in your mobile very easily.

Ok so when you download this application in your mobile then you have to install it, after installing you will open it and after opening you will create account on it …

So friends, the way to create an account is also very simple, the account is also created in the same way as you create an account on your official WhatsApp.

Ok so friends, when you will create an account, you will complete your WhatsApp, then talk with it, the home screen will come in front of you.

You will get a display that you see in the official WhatsApp also, so now if you have to change your display, you have to change the home screen, if you want to change the look of your WhatsApp, then know what you have to do setting for that.

So friends, now you have to set this setting, who is on the right side but you will get three dots, you have to write those 3 dots

When you click on these three roads, then many options will come in front of you, you will have the option on the first number, you have to click on it in the name of settings.

When you click on the first number setting then another page will open in front of you …

If you go down a little, then you will get an option of a home screen here, you have to come to it.

After coming to the option of home screen, another display will come in front of you, you will have the first option here, in the name of header, you have to click on the option of Header.

When you click on Header option, you will get another option of Home UI style. you have to click on it …

When you click on Home UI Style, you will get many options. …

The one style here will be set by default will already be set ….
WhatsApp UI stock…..So you have to select any style other than this and then come to the home screen of your WhatsApp.


When you come to the home screen of your WhatsApp, you will see that the home screen display of your WhatsApp will look very nice, it will be completely changed and there will be a new look.


So in this way, you will get the option of group of chat contact above and calls you will start getting it below, so what is different in this way will be the style, now when you use it yourself.

If you applies these styles, then the look of your WhatsApp will change completely and you will like it very much.

Friends, in this way, if you also want to change the look of your WhatsApp, you want to change the display of WhatsApp, which you have been fed up after seeing a display before, then you can do this setting in this WhatsApp….

I have told the father the download link of this WhatsApp will be given at the bottom of this article, you can download this WhatsApp by clicking there …

Very simple very easy way and when you use this WhatsApp then hopefully you will like all its different function features …