Latest New Feature App For WhatsApp users

Latest New Feature App For WhatsApp users

Hey Friend In This Article Is Going To Share With You Amazing Latest New WhatsApp Features …

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We are eagerly waiting for the upcoming features of WhatsApp, so we have announced four new privacy features in WhatsApp.

Some of which will be added in this month of August and some more new features will be added in the next one or two months.

So let’s know what are the new privacy features for WhatsApp …

Feature no.1
“Screenshot Not Allowed”

So WhatsApp added a feature “View Verse messages” And many of you are using this feature …

Those who do not know, let me tell about its feature that this one has such an advantage that if you send a message to anyone using it, then send it to the receiver, send this message only once to this photo, video or message will be seen to receiver…. If he wants to see this message, video or this photo again, he will not be able to watch it for the second time …

So what did people do, they used to take screenshots of the view verse message. So in this way that privacy used to end, which feature was added in WhatsApp.

What WhatsApp wants to do is that it is going to add another layer production on this option, because of this, no one will be able to take screenshot of its view verse option…..

Feature no.2
“Leave Silently”

Now the second option is that if you would leave any group on the WhatsApp , then all the group members would have come to know that they used to get the notification that this group person have left…

But another update has been added in WhatsApp, now if a group member leaves a group, then no one gets any notification, no one knows except the admin of the group ….

Now if you want to leave a group, then silently you will be able to leave that group….

Feature no.3
“I am Online”

WhatsApp’s last seen was very much in the news. needing many people …WhatsApp is going to add one more option inside this feature inside this option.

Feature no.4
“Time limit”

Now when you are online, when you are offline, who knows who does not know, now you will also be able to know …

And if you want to talk to someone on WhatsApp and you don’t want anyone to know that you are online, then you can also do it now.

“Who can see when I am Online…?”
This feature is going to be added to WhatsApp very soon this month.

If you sent a message to someone on WhatsApp and later you realize that the message was wrong or you should not have sent it, then you can remove that message in one hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds. You could not delete your sent messages after this time limit …

Now you are going to increase this time limit with WhatsApp, very soon now you will be able to delete your message within 2 days 12 to 12 hours.

And this feature has come in the iPhone version of WhatsApp, the people of Android do not know that they are also going to get close. then you can check it …

So these were the latest new features of WhatsApp which are about to come or some have arrived or you will get to see in the coming months.

Hope you will be waiting a lot and you have come to know and if you have not come in the middle of your mobile yet, then you will be very excited that sometime the feature will be added soon in your WhatsApp.

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