Latest New Screen Recorder Application

Latest New Screen Recorder Application


Hey guys In this article I am going to tell you that how can you record your screen with the help of App….

So friends who are Android users, We are looking to find a screen recorder that does not have any time limit, which does not contain too many ads.
nor does it have watermark …

So today your search is over, today I will tell you such a screen recorder, with the help of which you will be able to record your screen very easily, which will neither have any time limit nor will any add while using, nor will it have watermark.

So for this work you will need an application, you have to go to the play store of your mobile for this application and in the search bar you have to write “X Recorder”.

This is a very amazing and different feature packed screen recorder.

So you have to download this screen recorder, after downloading the answer will open this After opening it, you have to allow all its permissions, you have to continue it … After doing this your screen recorder will be ready to use …

A kind of display will come in front of you, some tools are here, you should check them. If you want to keep the floating button, now you can put it here. other is brush tool so you can use it too…If you want to use the floating button for the screenshot, then you can do that too. If you want to make your own video during screen recording, you can turn on your camera …

So when you open the camera, the front camera will also be open to you, in this way if you go to the settings, you will get a lot of features there too.

In the setting, you will get another option of audio setting, if you want to record or mute audio, then here you will also get this option.

In this way, you also get many setting options in the settings.

In this, you also get to see the option of noise reduction, but due to this the quality is slightly down.

So in this way, if you want to keep the quality of your video, in which solution you want to set your video in your quality, then you can record that too, apart from this you can also select the frame rate from here.

Apart from this, you get the option of orientation, whether you want to keep it in landscape or keep it in portrait or want to keep auto, you can also set it.

After that, below will tell you the save location, in which folder your heroic video will be recorded, then you can also know from here

Apart from this, you will find another option below recording mode, if you want to keep the normal mode, then you can keep that too, if you want to keep the performance mode, then you can also keep it.

Keep the normal mode for normal recording or if you want to play heavy game then you can use performance mode for that ,your video will not be lagged or crashed….

In this way you will get a lot of features, These features I have told you, it is very good and it is absolutely free of cost, in this you will not have to do any kind of purchasing.

When you use this application, neither you will get any add during recording nor will you get any water mark nor you will have to purchase any feature….

yes when you save then you will have to face an add ….

In this way you can record any type of video very easily, this is the best app, many people who make videos use this app. …

So hopefully when you use this application, you will also like many of its features and options because it is a very good screen recorder and it does not have any leggings or any hanging problems anywhere.

And the biggest thing was that its quality is also very good.

So if you were also looking for such an app, then download this app now and use the app.