Launcher Live App | New Cool Android App

Launcher Live App | New Cool Android App


Hey Guys in this article I am going to tell you that How can you live your application’s icon in your smart phone, in a very simple way ….



So friends, you must have seen often or if you have seen in videos etc. that any mobile is there, whoever comes to it, they are animated and looking very good look, the mobile looks very beautiful even in using it.



you definitely think that how these icons are moving means how icon is getting animated, so if you want to do the same then you have to download an application in your mobile.



So you have to download an application for this work, you will find the download link of that application at the bottom of this article or if you want, you can also download that application on Play Store.



The app name is “Launcher Live Icons”….



You have to install this App in your mobile….So friends, after downloading, you have to set this application in your mobile, when you open the application, then you will get the option of got it, you have to click on it.



When you click on the option of set up, then another interface will come in front of you, here too the application will take a little processing, there will be a little loading which will take some time, meaning it will not get much time of 20 seconds rendered in 15 seconds.



Whenever it takes so much time, it will make life for the icons of your application, that is, your application will start spinning in animated form.



Then after that when you look at your application, you will see who your tea has been called and it is moving in animated mean motion, so in this way it will give a very beautiful look to your mobile, surely if anyone will take your mobile ….



And in this way you will see your icon score live, then it will ask you for sure that in what way it is roaming around your mobile or what setting you have set, with the help of which your mobile icon live. .



You just have to download the PK application, if you want, if you go to the Play Store, you will write Launcher Live Icons in the search bar….



You will get this application very easily on the Play Store, apart from this, I will give you the download link at the bottom of this article, you can install this application in your mobile by clicking on that downloading.



It is a very amazing application, did not take any time and does your work very quickly, makes your mobile very nice, the look of the mobile is changed, it looks very beautiful.




So guys you will apply this icon, you will change the look of your mobile completely, then your mobile will also be very good to use and the biggest thing is that this application does not take much storage.



And many million people have also downloaded this application and installed it in their mobile and are very happy to set these functions on this application in their mobile also with this application.



So in this way, with the help of this application, you can make life of all the icons of your mobile and make your mobile very amazing.



Must download the trace application form and install this application and take advantage of it, you will like the application very much.



So that’s why it is a very light application and it will support your mobile very well, a lot of people are using this application and doing many of this application.

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