Make Beauty Effect Video | Latest New App | Beauty Camera

Make Beauty Effect Video | Latest New App | Beauty Camera


Hey Guys in today’s Article I’m Going to Tell You Date How Can You Make Beauty Effects Your Video ….



That is, if you are talking to anyone on WhatsApp, you are talking on a video call, then the blue of your face is not visible to the front, your face is very dark, there is no brightness ….



if you want can you talk to anyone on whatsapp on video call.



The face you have is very beautiful, your color should look like PCL and there should be a brightness show on your face, the next guy will find you very cute ….



What do you have to say, you have to turn on a setting in your mobile, now where will you get that setting, first of all I tell you the setting, you have to go to the settings of your mobile, there you will get an option of social turbo, then you click on it ….



Here you will have many options in front of you, you have to click on the beauty video mode…. You have to enable this option, it will be disabled, you have to enable ….



When you will enable this option, now I will tell you what will happen after you enable this option. When you close your WhatsApp and make a video call to anyone, then answer the video call, then at the bottom you will have the option of a beauty filter and a brightness option will come i.e. you can also give filters on your face from here …..



There will be different filters from the filter, which filter you want to give, you can give it on your face, which will make your face look very cute. ….



Apart from this, you will also get to see an option of brightness here, that is, you can increase and reduce its brightness from here, if you increase the brightness, the brightness will come on your face, which you know.



So your face will look very cute, it will look very beautiful, next person, whoever you are talking to on call, your face will look very cute and if you apply filters and use it, then even more your video look….



That is, now you do not need to panic if someone calls you suddenly and you are in a condition of your family or you are in the wrong condition, your face is not washed properly or anything like this can happen, then you can talk to someone.



That is, you can make your face beautiful by using an option that the person in front will be forced to think that your face is doing so much glowing or how your face looks so clean.



So what I told you, you do not need any application for this work, just this option will give you the option of your mobile. That is, you will get this option inside your mobile, just you have to turn off this option which will be disabled by default set by default.




After doing this much work, this beautiful taka effect will come automatically on your WhatsApp, different types of effects will come, you will get different types of options which will be beautiful effects, you can apply them on your face.




Not only this, you can also apply brightness on your face and you can make your face beautiful, no matter whose time you have a call from anyone, then you can attend that video call.



So hopefully you have understood this setting and if you were looking for the setting, then it is rich, would you have found this setting…



You quickly check this setting in your mobile and whatever call you get on WhatsApp, then you can also talk to him on a video call.

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